Sunday, 20 September 2015


So, to answer the all important question - "HOW DOES ONE BLOG?" Here's my advice (and wise words from Nike): JUST DO IT. No really. That's what I've been doing (well trying to do) since taking a step back from blogging and going a bit MIA recently. So yeah, I don't even know why I'm even making this post as I'm the last person in the world to be discussing a consistent routine pfft. But happy news - I'm on mid-sem break now WAHOO, so I've been easing back into the groove of things and thought I'd inflict some pressure on myself by putting this post out here.

1. It's getting stormy up there!
Anndd you can already tell this ain't gonna be a serious post. Anyways, around once a month or so, I'll sit down and just do a brain dump. All the possible ideas for a post comes out like word vomit and into a document. Good news is, the beauty post ideas are usually endless if you stare at your makeup collection for long enough.

2. Yes, there's an editorial calendar
Believe it or not, my "editorial calendar" is my pusher. It's my motivation to bring the idea to life. I put all the ideas into tentative dates on Google Calendar. No need for all the fancy-schmancy stuff. I categorize the topics into colours according to makeup, skincare, lifestyle and my "10 posts you should read" posts for every month. And I try to make sure there's a break in between a ton of makeup posts, so you know, you guys get some variety and life spices.

3. Photoshoot time
Photography was never my strong point. When it comes to holding the camera, I'm ACE at getting 30 blurry shots out of 31. So really, the final photo selection process is a piece of cake ;) But what I LOVE is playing with backdrops and different ways of flatlay-ing stuff. I'm still not 100% happy with my photos, so you can expect some change-ups in future pics. (Ugh I know, INCONSISTENCY! How dare I.)

4. Edit,  Edit, Edit
My process is easy - just turn up the exposure and make everything SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND. I fiddle around with Gimp and edit the curves, levels and all that tech-whizz, which you can read in this post on how I edit my photos.

5. Get writing
I have this weird 'habit' that I MUST have the photo ready and taken before I can start writing. I just NEED that sense of completeness ya know? It usually takes me around 2 hours to write up one post in one sitting. Sometimes cough most of the time if I'm feeling uninspired, I'll just upload the photo into Blogger, and leave the writing for another day. Or never (which is why I have about 10 posts in the blog graveyard). Tbh, I've read posts where people say they take 8 hours to write a post, and I'm like HOW?? I must not be putting enough effort into my posts or something lol.

6. Proof-read and Schedule
I proof-read as I type so I usually don't need to edit much towards the end. I schedule my posts, but if I'm feeling particularly GENIUS one day and churn out a fabulous, exciting post, then I move that one to be published earlier. I wish I was as flexible as my scheduled posts tbh.

7. Shamelesss Self-Promotion on Social Media
Dayum that alliteration. I put about 4 scheduled tweets into Buffer with the link to my blog, shamelessly telling the world about my new post which will probably change their life (I think it's called a call to action??)

Anddd that's about it! I then sit back and enjoy replying to you awesome, hilarious people.

What's your blogging process like? How long does it take for you to write a post?

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