Tuesday, 29 September 2015

SKINCARE ON TRIAL: Australian Edition!

skincare on trial review behind the frames

Oh look - a resurrected series! Don't worry guys, this series has not disappeared off the face of the blog, I've just been enjoying an ACTUAL consistent skincare routine over the last few months. But as usual, due to unforeseen circumstances aka hormones be CRAY and maybe too much sugar and bubble tea and stuff, my skin has had a little freak out. It's a good thing I got sent a bunch of new skincare goodies to try , and they're coincidentally all Australian!  REPRESENT.

Olive Natural Skincare*
If you know me, you'd understand why I squealed like a little girl when I saw the main ingredients in Olive skincare products were "olive leaf extract" and "extra virgin olive oil".
One of my favourites from the brand is the Olive Leaf Rosehip Oil (duh). The humbly-awesome rosehip oil, combined with a kick of olive oil just makes my skin feel exceptionally hydrated and supple.

You know me and my love for eye creams and I really enjoyed their Reviving Eye Gel which is possibly one of the richest eye creams I've tried. (Except I'm physically incapable of dispensing anything less than a full pump so I always end up with wastage *sigh*)

I personally found the 100% Natural All-Purpose Balm a lil' hard to work with, but once warmed up and spread, it really does give excellent relief to those dry-as-the-sahara spiderweb legs. In saying that, I do think it would be a bit too much for some people.

Natura Siberica*
OH OH GUYS, you know what gets me excited? When one of your favourite brands, The Rosehip Specialists, comes out with a new organic line of skincare (aww yiss). The stand-out products for me were the Lifting Hand Cream (because soft hand goals and this smells amaze) and the Honey Body Scrub. I'm actually not a huge fan of the scent but its grittiness makes up for it. If you're into natural skincare, you'd be pleased to know that Natura Siberica is officially out in Chemist Warehouse stores now ;)  (in Australia that is).

Arbonne Clear Control Range*
A range targeted towards clearing acne? Y-E-S. I've just been thinking how my skin's been pretty good lately, and then OF COURSE, 4 new breakouts decide to grace my face with their presence. It's gross I tell ya. Sadly, when it came to actually banishing those spots, I wasn't overly impressed with this range (even though I'm a big fan of Arbonne's makeup). The Blemish Calming Cream felt kinda redundant to me, ie. it didn't do much, or maybe I just have super-resistant spots?? The Clarifying Blemish Toner irritated my slightly sensitive skin so I stopped using it after awhile.

The product I DID like however, was the Clarifying Blemish Lotion, which to me, has a very similar feeling to the LRP Effaclar Duo. Non-drying, gentle and cleared some little nasties right up.

*Provided for consideration. See disclaimer here

What new skincare product have you been loving lately?

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