Sunday, 13 September 2015


WHOA HOLD UP. A haul?! On Behind The Frames!? (wow it sounds weird actually saying my blog name aloud)
It has officially been 7 MONTHS since I last documented my expenditures, so before you start congratulating me on a job well done, I've actually been going a bit cray with buying clothes instead. Buuut, since this isn't a fashion blog and how does one even do clothing hauls, those purchases have been accumulating away from the public eye. (Maybe I should start doing fashion hauls?? What do yall think?)

Okay so technically, I only bought 3 things with my own money. I scored an ah-mazing deal with an offline seller, which involved the Wet n Wild Lipstick in Cherry Bomb and wait for it, how do I say this in a feels-controlled sort of way... MY FIRST EVER YSL LIPSTICK!! *screams and flies off into the sunset in a state of utter delirium*

...Ahem, well that was dignified.

I was already going to purchase Cherry Bomb because it's famous for being a dupe for MAC's Diva. At the same time, I grabbed the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in no. 19. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL? Just look at dat purple. It's actually surprisingly wearable too. Moral of the story: a way into a girl's heart is through YSL lipsticks.

Clearly, one vampy/berry lippy wasn't enough so when I won Allison's giveaway, I went for MAC's Rebel. The obsession with dark vampy lips is REAL. (Even though I don't even have the guts to wear it out and the only people that see it is my camera and this blog. P.S. A related post coming soon!)

OH OH, speaking of obsessions... Tarte. Blushes. GOTTA CATCH EM ALL. I have this growing desire to collect them... and I'll be honest, it's because they look so purdy. And they're pretty gosh-darn-amazing. I picked up the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy, a recommendation by le blush enabler, Vanessa (thanks boo). I usually don't go for orange (it's more like a hot coral?) but THE THIRST IN MY HEART WAS REAL and I took the plunge. Plus, I managed to get it for $30 (aw yiss) which is much better than the $45 I paid for Tarte's Exposed early this year.

So yes. That's a lot of rambling for just 4 products but I hope you can sense my excitement for all of them. EEEEEEEEKK.

Have you purchased anything recently?

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