Friday, 22 May 2015


revlon colorburst lipstick peach review swatch

Ah Peach. The character I never choose to play on Mario Kart because she just looks like a sissy. The Revlon Colorbust Lipstick in Peach has also been quite underrated in my collection. Believe it or not, I haven't been wearing peach lip colours for the loooongest time. One day, I forced myself to wear it again and let's just say that it deserves a mention. Right now.

revlon colorburst lipstick peach review swatch blog
I'll be honest and say the formula isn't spectacular. I mean, it's pretty average. Hydrating, creamy but eh, probably won't be there 2 hours later. The shade Peach though. There's something about it that makes one look very.... sweet (I can hear all of you laughing now).

I'm a cop-out and I usually wear pinky-peach shades that are in fact, more pink than peach, but FINALLY - here is a lipstick that is more PEACH than pink. At times, I feel like peaches can make my skin tone appear even more yellow, and not that I'm denying my race or anything but ya know, I prefer to appear true to skin tone. This lippie has a nice balance, that doesn't lean too orange.

Overall, Peach is a basic shade (some might even call it boring) but it's a nice one to have. The Revlon imprint is pretty snazzy too, way to class it up Revlon!

revlon colorburst lipstick peach review swatch

revlon colorburst lipstick peach review swatch

Do you like Peach lip colours? What is your favourite one?

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