Wednesday, 21 November 2012

EOS G213 Lacy Brown [Circle Lens Review]

I have a circle lens review for you! ^_^
I won these from! They're quite popular among circle lens wearers and let me just say, their customer service is really good!
After 2 weeks, the package still had not arrived so I contacted them and they promptly sent a replacement package which came 2 weeks later so I was very pleased with their quick reply and service :)

They sent me a box of lashes as well as the EOS G213 Lacy Brown lenses.

Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Water content: 38%
available in PLANO only (no prescription) in  brown, pink, violet, blue and green

Right side: lens in


 (I had some technical difficulties putting the lenses in and my right eye turned red -.- It's not the lens fault though, it was mine for being such a noob at putting in lenses.)
Design:  ★★★★
Kinda freaky but I actually think they're kinda pretty! It definitely suits its name "lacy" and I like the brown detailing on it. Surprisingly, it looks natural from afar and you can only see the design up close :)

Comfort:  ★★★
These are actually pretty comfortable. I've heard EOS lenses are very comfy :) After the first few minutes of blinking and wearing, I didnt' really feel them anymore and I could wear it for about 4-6 hours without irritation. I also didn't experience any blurriness.

Enlargement: ★★★
Compared to my other pair of lenses (Geo Xtra WTA74 review here), this enlargement is perfect! I think I'll stick with 14.5 mm or below from now on. 15mm is just too big for my small eyes and monolids haha. These 14.5 mm lenses gives my eyes a bigger, dolly effect but isn't too big that it looks alien-ish. And it's comfier too.

Overall:  ★★★ 
It would be 5/5 if the design was a more wearable, dark brown everyday lenses and if they were available in prescription too. They're enlargement is just right, comfortable and make you look dolly with makeup and false lashes.

Now to the whole face photos...
(this was the first time I was wearing falsies and I had crappy lash glue so don't mind the sloppy application. But I really like these lashes! They're the ones kiwiberry1-collection sent to me.)

If you're interested, do check out kiwiberry1-collection for a wide variety of lenses and brands and I swear they have sales going on every day, up to 50% sometimes!

 Thanks for reading!


  1. Aww these lenses look lovely on you! The design does look quite pretty - definitely very eye catching :)

  2. very nice! it looks great on you :D

  3. These are absolutely stunning! I love them!
    I'm too much of a scaredy cat to wear lenses :| hahaha I hate eyes, I find them icky for some reason and don't want to get my hands too close LOL!
    But... so cuute... may have to try them!

  4. they look so good!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  5. They're really pretty! I've found EOS very comfortable when I've tried them, similar to normal, non-circle or coloured contacts.

  6. they look so great! i want some colored lenses too :)

  7. The final look is really pretty, with the lashes and the white eyeliner. Very brightening - your eyes look huge :)

  8. It sure has been awhile since I last wore circle lenses! The end result is gorgeous! I like how natural your lashes are too!

  9. the lens design is so pretty! I love the yellow-ish shade and the lacy design.

  10. I have never used lenses but these make your eyes look so pretty!

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