Thursday, 29 October 2015


I seriously can't believe prom (or as we aussies call it "formal") was two years ago! Feelin so old *wipes tear* Just kidding, but I never actually shared my prom photos and pizazz with you guys. Being the cheapskate that I was am,
I did my hair and makeup myself and bought the most affordable dress out there. Ain't nobody got money for a $200 dress that I'll only wear once. And recently, I re-created the prom look that I did two years ago and thought it'd be fun to reminisce (this word is seriously hard to spell).

For my makeup 2 years ago, I was boring and went for the classic silver smokey eye. I don't recall what I did exactly (my night was so blurred together) but it involved lots of Revlon Colorstay Foundation (ah, the go-to prom foundation) because there was no way in hell that those acne spots were showing up in those photos. No sir'ree.

Recently, I've been trialling the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer* and it. is. AWESOME! Just like the hype says it is - it has great, creamy coverage and the shade match is spot on. Naturally for my eyeshadow, I whipped out my beloved Naked 2 Palette. For all over the lid, I used the shade Bootycall and the NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Pigment in Pearl for some shimmy-shimmy.
Tease was my 'transition colour' in the crease (not sure if I'm using that phrase right but we're gonna roll with it), then Pistol, a grey and Blackout right at the outer corner.

Let's not forget the layers upon layers of waterproof mascara. And eyeliner. Because who knows how long you'd need your makeup to stay intact?

I didn't care so much for my lip colour back then, because I'd knew lots of eating would be involved and I'd be too lazy to touch up anyway. So I wore some random medium pink lipstick but for this look, I have on the Rimmel Provocalips in Dare to Pink*. I love how lightweight this feels on the lips and it sure does have staying power! If only this was available 2 years ago??

Now let's get onto the REAL reason why you're reading this post shall we?

You guys just wanna stalk my prom pics don't you? (Ya creeps.)

Well... fine, just for you.

Wow ain't that the definition of awkward turtle.

I regret not wearing a full-length dress at the time (I seriously thought I'd drown in it??) because my short dress was STILL not short enough for me and I had to keep pulling the skirt up, hence the messy ruffled dress. Excuse the weird smile and the naked lips, due to eating a supposedly 'gourmet 3 course meal' that did not taste like it.

I know what you're thinking - gurl, WHERE ARE DEM BROWS? I only started doing my brows this year, hence the disappearing act. *hides in shame*

*Provided for consideration. See disclaimer here

What was your prom like?

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