Tuesday, 21 July 2015


If you follow me on Twitter (shameless plug right here), you might have known that I got a part-time job about 4 months ago. That's right, this former fetus is all grown up now *wipes tear*. But I have a confession to make...
I quit my job just after two weeks. That's right, GO AHEAD AND LAUGH. Clearly I'm not ready for the REAL world where people have jobs and responsibilities ... buuut, it did not go to waste. I did learn some valuable lessons from my time playing waitress *strokes metaphorical beard thoughtfully*. Here are 5 things I've learnt.

Excuse me?
When you’re working in a hectic and loud environment, not saying “excuse me” or MAKING YOUR PRESENCE KNOWN = death. Okay not really, but it can lead to A LOT of accidents (eg. being showered in boiling hot noodles…). Yeah, I think ‘scuse me’ has become my default greeting.

Toned arms, here I come!
Psh, who needs to go to a gym when you can get free weight-lifting sessions that is guaranteed to tone your arms?! Not only does holding two large heavy bowls of soup strengthen your biceps, but learning how to move with four plates at once (two on each arm) also improves your sense of balance! Free exclusive membership. Sign up now!

Auto-smile on!
I don’t understand how Barbie does it, my cheeks physically hurt from smiling all day. It’s unacceptable to look like Mr. Grumpy-pants while working so the corners of your mouth are permanently lifted and you look like a cheery little cupcake all day long. Service with a smile! *grits teeth*

Who needs nerves?
Have you ever carried something SO SCALDINGLY HOT that it takes every ounce of willpower not to drop it all over the ground? I’ve had my fair share of that experience but I think I’ve found the secret to carrying hot bowls with ease! Here’s the key – BURN YOUR FINGER TIPS OFF. No seriously, who needs nerve endings right?? (Don’t worry, I still have my fingerprints.) Once I’d burnt the ends of my fingers sufficiently, I could hold steaming soups happily because I could no longer feel the pain! Seriously though #lifehack.

Memory Expansion, Activate!
My mental capacity was challenged when I was forced to memorise the menu within my first few days of work, which is the norm right? But it’s not so fun when the menu is in a whole OTHER LANGUAGE and when half the dishes sound the same (like there’s so many different types of pho??). Plus, I also had to plate up so I had to know what sides and toppings go on each dish.
*sigh* If only this memory work could translate to studies too -_-

I'd love it if you shared your own job experiences?

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