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Since the beginning of time, me and contouring = epic fail. And I used to think contouring and bronzing was the same thing. This was mainly due to 1) having a shimmery, orangey bronzer, 2) not having an appropriate brush and 3) being an absolute nut job and just going ham on my face with an orangey bronzer. Lahvely. So after receiving some new tools in the mail, I decided to try carving cheekbones of my own.

contouring cheekbones bronzer ubu qvs brushes

I've always been self-conscious of my cheeks, because they're just uber chubby, kinda sag and reduce my actual age by like 10 years. I look at those people with defined facial structures (*cough Becky cough*) and I'm like "Yow! Cheekbones ON POINT!" Literally. So sharp they could slice through a cheesecake.

The bronzer I've been playing with lately is the ELF Warm Bronzer. I use 80% of the darkest brown colour and 20% of the second darkest brown (wow such math skillz) to create a more-or-less perfect shade that's not too muddy. I use the QVS Angled Blusher Brush* and I just adore angled brushes like this. They just fit so easily right in the hollows of your cheeks and great for contouring idiots like myself.

trying to look model-esque and ended up looking annoyed = pretty much sums up my life   


Not too shabby aye? It actually looks like my cheeks have some definition now! *fist pumps*

To avoid having a questionable streak of brown on the side of my face, I blended it out with the QVS Kabuki Brush* which is the cutest thing, and small and dense - perfect for powder or bronzer.
Using the same brush, I applied ma fave blush, Tarte's Exposed. Yada yada same story but a matte nudey blush just works so seamlessly with contouring right??

Of course, you can't chisel dem cheekbones without adding the extra OOMPH of highlighter. Here comes my trusty theBalm's Mary Lou-manizer. Love love love this champagne shade but it really packs a punch so to avoid going overboard, I used a stippling brush - the UBU Picture Perfect Professional Stippling Brush*, which is my favourite brush of the bunch. Not flimsy like some stippling brushes tend to be and check out that rose gold handle ooh la la.

And voila. Glowy, chiselled cheekbones. 

If you need more of a visual demonstration of how to contour, I have this handy little video from QVS.

*Provided for consideration. See disclaimer here

What's your winning contouring combo?

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