Thursday, 2 July 2015


EEP so we're done with HALF the year already?! What. the. flip. I panicked a bit because exams have got me curled up on the floor crying (and I'm STILL not done with them), and so I was a bit behind in my blog reading (which includes being behind on bookmarking some awesome posts for you!) But NEVER FEAR, SHERI IS HERE and as usual, here are 10 posts for you to have a browse through while you're procrastinating your life away chillaxing.

Thoughts on ditching dairy 

A peep into how Hayley organizes her blog

How to start an Instagram sale

The power of eyebrows

20 questions to ask Siri (a good way to waste 20 minutes)

What do the contents of a hand bag say about you? (Maddie's version!)

How to shake it off (online haters that is)

When you screw up your makeup

Things to do when you're bored out of your mind

10 ways to make your small room look bigger

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