Saturday, 27 June 2015


Being a bblogger isn't all sunshine and rainbows. Duh. You'd think it was just snapping a few photos and typing away but seriously? It takes A LOT of brain power. Sometimes, the creative juices just run out like diarrhoea, and I'm sitting there with my head on my laptop, crying over how much of a failure I am. Ahem, so where was I? I wanted to share with you things that are just part and parcel of the whole blogging shabang so today, I'M BREAKING THE SILENCE.

1. Taking NOTDs is basically as hard as reciting the alphabet backwards while standing on your head. Why? Because your nails are too short/not pretty enough for nail polish. Plus you suck poop at nail art. What even is delicacy?

2. You buy things just because they'd make a good prop. (Exhibit A: the sunglasses in the above photo. I'm as a blind as bat and need glasses most of the time, do you think I actually get use out of $2 non-prescription sunnies??)

3. When you don't have a tripod and clearly lack the ability to hold a camera steady, so




CAN WE JUST CRY OVER MY INCOMPETENCY. LIKE HOLD STILL WOMAN PLEASE. Someone buy me a tripod. (Btw, these photos were failed outtakes for Daph's post on red lipsticks)

4. Having to do a whole face of makeup just to show a swatch of an eyeshadow or a lipstick. I die a little inside every time.

5. People come home and kick off their shoes and pants. We come home and rush to wash our makeup off. Ah, sweet freedom.

6. Bending and stretching to take blog photos counts as exercise right?

7. Forget SEO. Sometimes we name photos for convenience' sake, like this one is legit called "derp.jpg". (Oh and look at that, another blurry pic. AND THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON'T CROP STUFF.)

8. Taking photos and realizing afterwards that your pile of dirty clothes is in the background. Please get your life together.

9. You don't even wear makeup on a daily basis. In fact, you may even abhor it.

10. Your sidebar profile picture is not quite what you usually look like in person. Ratched hair and brows ftw.

11. We take pleasure in growing our makeup collection... andddd throwing stuff out at the same time. (We're walking contradictions I tell ya.)

12. You panic when you forget to schedule a tweet of your latest post.

13. On the rare occasion when you DO wear a full face of makeup, you take a hundred selfies because THIS IS A RARE MOMENT PEOPLE!

14. You have a new-found love for fake flowers, candles, white sheets, everything white because AESTHETICS.

15. You never do #OOTDs because awkward posing. Like oops I have 20 photos of me just putting my hand on my hip?? And you're not so sure if baggy t-shirts and pj shorts are the current fashion trend.

16. You test about 10 skincare products at once and still wonder why your skin is going cray.

17. Constantly girl crushing over other bloggers (basically everyone, YOU'RE ALL FLAWLESS OKAY)

18. Instead of your mum handing down makeup to you, YOU hand makeup down to HER.

19. You have foundation stains all over your clothing.

20. At some point, we've all wanted a new camera/blog name/url. Before I got a custom domain, this blog was "berrixbeauty", umm??

21. When you need to take full face photos, you throw on a nice top but keep your comfy, pj bottoms on.

22. When you try to take selfies, but the wind decides to ruin your day. Wow this post is just full of sexy pics.

23. You use the same photo for your blog and social media, not for consistency or branding (wow so professional), but because that is literally the only photo of you that looks half-decent.

24. Your "if I was a billionaire" wish list extends to infinity and beyond.

25. You take 50 photos and end up with... one. Usually the case when you take selfies because your face always refuses to cooperate.

Can you relate to these? Do you have any more to add?

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