Tuesday, 23 June 2015


WHOA vertical shot... that's new. I personally don't like taking vertical photos because they just look weird with my blog layout but I honestly had the hardest time taking a proper photo of that blasted Queen Helene mask because it's so much taller than the rest. Discrimination at its finest...sorry babe. There was no other way but to hold my camera sideways and pose like a monkey.
Weird photography aside, I've found my newest skincare love - MASKS. They're basically my desperate measures in desperate times.

I feel like my usual skincare prodz only work up to a certain point and then masks just give it that extra oomph. So I had to make sure that I had one for every possible situation.

The "Bathe My Face with Moisture" Ones
I've already raved about the Annie's Way Arbutin & Hyaluronic Acid Mask but this is seriously glowing baby skin in a tub. Like HELLO, AMAZE SKIN. It's so hydrating and I swear it makes my pores a bit smaller too (if that's even possible??). Hyaluronic acid is officially my new bae.

The other recent addition to my hydration closet is the Thalgo Melt-Away Instant Comfort Mask*. This thing sure is pricey but it's super moisturizing as well, and my skin seems to SUCK it up. In fact, it absorbs it so well that when I go to rinse it off, there barely is any residue to wash off!

The "Magical Blemish-busting" ones
I have very high expectations for clay masks. Oh you don't vanquish my spots immediately? SHUNNED. I think of masks as being this instant, defy-laws-of-skincare-and-eradicate-all-blemishes kind of thing. Of course, I'm an idiot but I've found two that are the closest thing to being magical  - the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask, which will forever be a favourite for drying out spots, and the Moreish Emergence Clay Mask.

A fairly new one, but when I used it on a freshly squeezed pimple (don't shoot me), it literally acted as a gunk-sucking VACUUM. It left a clean hole where the pus used to be, kinda volcano-looking... and it was EPIC. It sounds bad, but it meant that the pimple healed much faster and I've been impressed ever since. You can get it from Priceline!

*Provided for consideration. See disclaimer here.

What is your favourite mask for blemishes?
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