Friday, 15 May 2015


top 5 mobile apps behind the frames blog

The other day, I left my phone in a friend's car and spent the remainder of the night, pacing up and down not sure of what to do with myself. The thing is, it wasn't even the PHONE I missed. It was what was INSIDE... the apps. I'm guilty of downloading anything and everything onto my phone because 'it sounded useful' (doesn't explain why I have 3 different versions of sudoku and solitaire on my phone though). Here are 5 apps that I think are pretty snazzy.

Note: These are NOT my 5 favourite apps, but the ones I think that are actually useful as opposed to the life-sucking ones like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube... (Those are my actual favourite apps though lol]


So I'm sure you've all heard about this wondrous thing called "Buffer". I mean, scheduling social media is so in now, right? Buffer is dead easy to use - even for an idiot like me *grin*. I simply write the title of my post/description, add the permalink, a photo and voila! I actually don't have 3G on my phone (or is it 4G now? can't keep up with the times), and Buffer doesn't require internet to publish your tweet, so I don't need to stress when I'm out of the house. You know you're a blogger when you panic mid-lecture because you forgot to schedule tweets for the post that was going up that very day.


"Wow Sheri you use a to-do list app. You must be soo organized." Haha... WRONG. I have this strange condition where I just can't stick to to-do lists. I can write a list, get all motivated to start checking off my life goals... and then forget about it the next day. Just nope. INSTEAD, I use GTasks as a reminder for any deadlines coming up. And just to write random notes for myself eg. "Take out the chicken from the fridge". I like the interface, and it's quick to use.

My complete lack of self-control while 'attempting' to study has led me to download Clear Focus. It's based on something called 'The Pomodoro Technique' DUN DUNNN SOUNDS EPIC. You set a length of time where you'll work without distractions and then set a duration for break time. Apparently, you're more productive in shorter sessions with breaks in between? This app also turns off your internet for that period of time, so there is NO ESCAPE. (Just kidding, I always cave and switch off the app halfway because I HAVE A PROBLEM.)

We all have those supremely unattractive selfies/photos of our friends in our phones (or maybe that's just me), and obviously we need an app to make them into the legendary ugly birthday collages right? Photo Grid is my fave, and I use it to make my images square for instagram as well. Really though, don't become my friend if you don't want ugly double-chins to be plastered on your Facebook wall.

Of course I had to mention Pocket - a blog reader's best friend. When I have a ton of blog posts to read, I just save them onto Pocket so I can read them on the go. And again, YOU DON'T NEED INTERNET. Seriously, every app needs to have that. (Or maybe I should just get with the times and BUY MOBILE DATA?? UGH.)

What is the most useful app you have?

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