Saturday, 9 May 2015


annie's way arbutin hyaluronic acid mask review

So, classic example of Sheri-is-an-idiot? "Oh I have dry skin! Let's go bathe my face in clay masks and charcoal that is designed to take away oil and dry the heck out of your face". GOOD GOING ME. Really though, I seem to love trying out masks that transform your face into a crumbling mess. Side note: The Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask is actually amazing. Until now, I've never truly owned one that was intended to moisturize. Say whaaat!? Put aside your wallets ladies and gents, because I think I've found THE ONE.

Every night consists of the usual skin slobbering ritual, where I attempt to drown in moisturizer and oils. Sometimes I just want a little pick-me-up that will do all that and more, ya know? Thus, I went a-hunting (wow I sound so english-literature-class right now). Bubzbeauty (mah bae) mentioned this mask as one that hydrates and fades acne scars.... And that's the sound of me scrambling to add the Annie's Way Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Mask to my cart on Ebay.

It comes in a hefty 250ml tub with a spatula. Handy, considering how flipping thick this mask is. It's literally like JELLY, with wobbles and everything. It never fully dries because of how thick you're suppose to apply it.

annie's way arbutin hyaluronic acid mask review

I've been using this mask at least once a week now, and let me tell you - my skin feels and looks AHMAHZING. Like "please caress my face because you'll love me forever" amazing. Most masks don't make a significant difference to my skin, but I can actually SEE that my pores are visibly smaller. Like what is this sorcery, my pores have never done that before?! Maybe it's because my skin is much more hydrated so the pores close up?? (idek don't listen to me)

My skin instantly looks brighter after every use. It's as if I'd submerged myself into a pool of eternal youth. One thing's for sure - FAVE MASK IN DA HOUSE. I'll let you know how it goes on the scar-fading front.

What is your favourite mask of ALL TIME?

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