Friday, 1 May 2015


I don't know why I feel the need to start off these posts with a recap of my month but here goes. April was a complete WHIRLWIND. School was soul-draining as usual but then I had a two week break which gave me the chance to hone my potato characteristics and of course, catch up on my Bloglovin feed! The (number) in brackets besides 'Bloglovin' is seriously a whole other level of pressure hah! 
Enjoy having a read through these posts!

The honest but funny truth of what goes on behind the blogging scenes

A simple salad recipe for the cooking idiots that yearn to eat healthy (aka me)

The reasons behind why bloggers chose their blog names

Look fresh with this gorgeous Spring makeup look (seriously, Brittany is a complete stunner!)

An easy technique to start being more productive

Reasons why being 10 years old was the best 

An accurate (?) representation of School Life vs. College Life

Lazy, but want to be healthy? Try these 5 Easy Snacks

Hydrating products for those with dry skin or who just want a pick-me-up 

Share the love with these quirky compliments (and err... random train of thoughts?)

How was your April?

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