Sunday, 1 March 2015


tarte exposed blush review swatches

I've noticed an alarming progression in my shopping habits. Initially, I swore by my drugstore babies and now I've moved onto bigger, 'fancier' purchases and treating myself so many times that it doesn't count as a treat any more. I'm talking about that time I picked up the Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed during my overseas trip. HINT: YOLO is quite possibly the worst mindset you can have when in Sephora. I thought, this product better be freaking MAGICAL, because the money I spent on it could have gone towards a much better cause (eg. nine bubble teas. NINE!!!).

tarte exposed blush review swatches

tarte amazonian clay blush exposed review swatches

Exposed looks more pinky on me (I swear every blush just looks pink on me) but the brown tones just sculpts and adds warmth and depth to the face. HELLO CHEEKBONES. I've even begun adding this to my temples and jawline and ugh I'm in love. *makes incomprehensible noises*

The texture of this blush is quite solid and firm (that's what she said?) and it's on the sheerer side, making it impossible to overdo. Definitely a nice change from my other soft, powdery blushes that give me an oh-so-sexay-rash if I'm not careful.

It's one of my more long-wearing blushes, although I haven't actually tried it for 12 hours (you see, I have this unknown condition where if I wear makeup for longer than necessary, my skin will spontaneously erupt aka IT HATES ME).

Oh and the best part? It's MATTE.  Hallelujah. Raise the flag. Praise the blush gods.

tarte amazonian clay exposed blush swatch review
tarte amazonian clay exposed blush swatch review

P.S. Tomorrow I head back to uni... wails. Bring on the 10-hour days and the year where no one really cares about you because you're not a first-year or a fourth-year student. Btw, HOW DO YOU HOLD A PEN AGAIN??

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