Wednesday, 18 March 2015


real techniques miracle complexion sponge changed different texture review

Oh man, have makeup sponges really made a comeback! Truthfully, all of the sponges I've tried in the past have just really SUCKED. It felt as if your dog ate your foundation (I hope it's okay), and then proceeded to lick all over your face, leaving an uneven foundation slobber. Gross.
But then people started proclaiming their love for the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and I was like, dang I must be missing out! Of course, being the over-thinker I am, I ended up buying it AFTER people started complaining that they changed the material of it. So I'm not even sure if this is the original sponge or a new version.

(Does anyone else see that ominous-looking ring on my sponge?)

My first impressions were ERMAHGERD IT'S SO SOFT AND FLUFFY!!  It definitely has a much nicer feel than the cheap sponges I tried out back in the day. It's dense enough that it's become my stress ball and I get such a rush from squeezing its guts. I think I need help.

So here's the story. I tried using it damp and guess what? It did what its predecessors did and sucked up my foundation. Gee thanks. Also, my face just felt wet. (Watch out guys, THE DOG IS BACK.)
The flat edge, which I was way too excited about using, kind of just pushed the foundation around without really packing in the coverage I wanted.

In the end, I use it DRY and I either bounce or roll the foundation on. While I do like the somewhat 'natural' finish it gives, it takes way too much effort to do. Too much for this girl who's half-asleep at 8am after staying up late drooling over male korean idols. 

Overall, I'm kinda left feeling like this:


Eh, I think I'll stick to my Buffing Brush.

Have you tried the Miracle Complexion Sponge? Do you think they've changed it?

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