Sunday, 22 March 2015


Do you suffer from Heavy Handbag Syndrome? Scientists believe that 15% of back and shoulder pains originate from carrying loaded bags that contain 80% trash and 20% actually useful stuff*.
On that note, I decided that I wanted a new travel companion which was smaller and more compact (like yours truly *wink*). And I thought this would be a good way to curb my habit of cough HOARDING EVERYTHING cough. Meet my new hand bag, purchased for the grand sum of $20 from some street market in Asia. Just keepin it real.

*this statistic is 100% factually fake and was made up by yours truly.

I've been wanting a more square, boxy looking bag for awhile now. And it had to be black. Because SUCH CLASS. Something about it just looks more expensive, no? Also, I like a bag that can hold its own... literally. There's nothing more annoying than putting your bag down and having it flop onto your foot like a rag.

As I mentioned here, I always carry a WATER BOTTLE with me. Principle #1 of cheapskate-hood. The annoying thing is that it weighs down my bag like a freaking sack of bricks, and takes up a considerable amount of space. But all the money I've saved on drinks? So worth it. Oh and surprise, I got this cute printed bottle from another asian street market. No shame. And yes I realize it looks disgustingly murky - it's on its way out.

The next thing is my WALLET from Kate Hill. I swear it used to be cream-coloured. It needs to go on a serious diet and it's filled with useless, old receipts for those 'just in case I want to return it' moments which never happen because I dread social confrontation.

I always need my DRUGS on me eg. Panadol for my migraines and some lactose-intolerant pills for when I want to indulge in some dairy-ful desserts (ie. every day). Of course I have some TISSUES and a PEN rolling around in my bag too which comes in handy more often than you would expect. (You never know when some cute guy will ask you for your number and you'll have to write it on a tissue LOLJKS.)

I have my house KEYS permanently in my bag. It's pretty awkward when you're locked out, and squatting near your front door as neighbours walk past giving suspicious looks.

Fun Fact: I only carry two lip products in my bag. SHOCK! HORROR! Of course, I need a LIP BALM so I don't end up eating my own dead skin off my lips. (Btw, it's the pencil looking thing. How cool is that?!) At the moment, the lippie in my bag is the Revlon Balm Stain in Honey which is one of my favourite darker MLBB shades.

Do you carry a lot of junk in your bag? Or essentials only?

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