Tuesday, 10 March 2015


nars velvet matte lip pencil never say never review swatch

Remember how I mentioned in this post that I had a fear of going up to high-end makeup counters?
WELL GUYS, I DID IT. I crawled out of my shell and conquered my fears. And because I was feeling a bit rich from my birthday (both a blessing and a curse in itself), I've adopted a new lippy into my already-unnecessarily-excessively large collection. Folks, please welcome the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Never Say Never.
I WILL NEVER SAY NEVERRRR (erm hate to break it to ya JB, but you said it like 50 times).

I had the biggest struggle of my life standing at the NARS counter for close to an hour because I couldn't decide what shade to get. It was either this or Luxembourg (a satin lip pencil) and I eventually settled on Never Say Never because I didn't have anything quite like it. Knowing me, I'll probably return to pick up Luxembourg eventually.

These are creamy, glide on like a dream and don't feel uncomfortable at all. Like MATTE + NOT DRYING? Mind. Blown. I'm not usually a big fan of matte lips, but these don't FEEL matte, and this shade doesn't really look matte on me? 

The best part of it is the COLOUR. Hot dayum.  Never Say Never is a cool-toned purple-pink (wow us bloggers really like to state the obvious don't we). From the swatches I've seen online, it looks rosy pink on some, but it definitely has berry-purple hues on me, which I LOVE because that's what makes it beautifulllll~ 

nars velvet matte lip pencil never say never swatch

nars never say never lip pencil swatch

I'll have to be honest and say that part of why I'm so excited is because I don't have much NARS in my collection. And it's like, omgomg am I part of the club now? Is this what luxury feels like!? I'm just glad that I love the shade, otherwise $34... man.

I'm also keen on trying the Maybelline Color Drama lip pencils which are apparently really similar??

Do you own the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils? What shade would you recommend?

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