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First off, I know what you're thinking. Dang son, you should be a MODEL. I mean, just check out that candid shot which was really just me bashfully looking away from the camera in an attempt to convince you it's not just another narcissistic selfie in my favorite vampy lipstick. Since it's a new year, I thought I'd have a little heart-to-heart chat with you guys. Hopefully, you decide that you like me enough to stick around, and maybe discover that we're secretly soul mates. If so, come at me and let's start a polygamy.

1. I'm Chinese, originally from South-East Asia. 
Can I speak Mandarin, you ask? Ha ha ha... moving on.

2. I'm extremely short-sighted.
My prescription would put some adults to shame and I'm 100% dependent on my glasses. I'm so blind that haters could take my frames away and I'd most probably fall into a ditch. One day though, I'd love to wear contacts regularly. I wonder if that explains my blog name somewhat? Hehe. 

3. I'm slightly lactose-intolerant. 
By 'slightly', I mean I'm fine with one scoop of ice-cream, but milk can sometimes give me the runs (TMI?). It's super weird, and I wonder if any of you can relate?

4. This year, I'm starting my 2nd year of University!

5. I've got a younger brother and I'm proud to say we're really close. 
This may sound weird, but he's a super nice, generous person and it always makes me feel bad because he's everything I'm not. Hah! He's also taller than me. *scoff* Brothers.

6. The main music I listen to is kpop.
I can see some of you rolling your eyes and thinking how typically asian of me, but really. It's awesome. If you're a kpop fan too, let me know and we can be bffs.

7. When I was 6, I lived in the US for a year (California to be exact). 
I do feel some regret that I couldn't appreciate the awesome makeup opportunities back then, but it felt truly excellent not wearing a uniform to school.

8. I adore manga and anime. 
Wow otaku level: 100. I swoon at shoujo manga, where the main male character is just perfect and doesn't exist in real life. Seriously, someone please start a conversation with me about this.

9. One of my favourite past-times is dancing. 
I even did jazz/hip-hop for a year, although quite honestly, I'm not very good. I was even briefly in a dance commercial (but uh, please don't search for that. Seriously one of the low points in my life.)

10. I shed. A LOT. 
What are you, a dog? My hair isn't even that long, and yet I seem to lose volumes of it every day. Uh oh, could this be premature balding?

11. My name in Chinese means 'beautiful swallow'. 
No, it's not the action of food being passed down the throat, but the bird. THE BIRD OKAY?

12. I'm more of a cat person. 
"Cats are evil!" is something I often hear when I tell people that, but dogs scare me. When they jump, they're almost as tall as me, which is terrifying.

13. I have a scar on my shoulder shaped like a bow (ribbon) from when I had the chicken pox. 
Because of it, I'm too self-conscious to wear sleeveless tops. Hence, cardigans and sweaters are mah thing!

14. I'm addicted to potato, cheese and bubble tea. 
I could seriously live off that stuff, if it wasn't for the fact that two of them make me break out *cries* Hey, potatoes are counted as vegetables right?

15. I'm a shortie, coming in at only 5'1. 
People of average height seem to have an interest in standing next to me to boost their self-esteem. Or they like resting their elbow on my head. Maxi skirts/dresses are a distant dream of mine.

Now that you know this much about me, we're basically best friends right?

Now it's your turn! Tell me a random fact about yourself! 

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