Friday, 30 January 2015


10 posts i've loved reading january

When I was writing up a post and attaching the latest selfie that made the cut, I started to feel extremely egotistical. It's a good thing I have this series where I share the blogger love, which is probably the first series I've started that didn't hit the grave after the first post. Also, uni hasn't started yet (got another month to go), so I've been bored senseless. You guys are what keeps me sane.

5 Tips for Fighting Acne - Bloomin Rouge
For those currently struggling with acne, along with acne-busting product recommendations. Plus a reminder of how hygiene and other factors can contribute to better skin.

A 5-Step Approach to a Wardrobe Revamp - Pink Pot
Great post for someone like me who doesn't wear 50% of the clothes in my wardrobe. I recently did a huge clean-out and boy does it feel good.

25 Beauty Tips - That Grace Girl
There are some pretty genius tips in here, like Grace mentions pushing cuticles back after a shower (why didn't I think of that?) and filing your nails in one direction (oops I've always just been scrubbing them back and forth).

Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget - More Than Adored
If you haven't stopped by Sarah's blog yet, you definitely should because this month was budget month on her blog! This post reminded me that I have no excuse for not eating healthy because it really is cheaper than you think.

5 Ways to Start Fresh This Year - Permanent Procrastination
Tegan has a beautiful blog, and I love how she has included a bunch of other helpful links to help you with your goals and organization this year.

On Purging or Breaking Out - The Fantasia
Very relevant to those of us who love trying out new products all the time, especially skincare. If you've ever started getting pimples and never knew if it was because you were purging or the product itself was breaking you out, Stephanie's post explains it very simply.

Baseless: Observations with no Foundation - La Petite Primp
I can relate to Camey's post a lot, due to not wearing foundation for the last 3 weeks when I was on holiday. I'd really recommend reading her post, and maybe going without foundation for awhile to see how you feel.

6 Daily Habits for Success - Rachel Gadiel
Reading posts like this really motivates me to develop a more organized life, and maybe I won't be scrambling around trying to finish things at the last minute.

DIY Chunky Crochet Infinity Scarf - The Nectar Collective
I learnt knitting a few years ago, and it's seriously the most relaxing thing you can do subconsciously. If you feel like taking up a new hobby, why not knitting or crocheting? Plus, this tutorial for an infinity scarf actually looks do-able! Brb while I head out to buy yarn and a crochet hook.

35 Tumblr Posts That Will Make You Reevaluate Your Existence - BuzzFeed
Seriously, best post ever. I spent a good 20 minutes crying with laughter. Shoutout to Melyssa who shared this post.

Happy reading! 

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