Monday, 2 February 2015


It's my birthday, it's my birthday, Imma spend my money.
I feel a little weird doing a post about my own birthday. It's as if I came up to you with a megaphone and shouted 'HEY DUDE IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!' into your face. That's right, this girl with a prepubescent mind and body is officially legal. Capable of drinking, voting and even marriage. What is this sorcery.
I realized the last time I did some reflecting was back in Grade 10, where they made us write down our hopes and dreams for the future (pretty sure I wrote I wanted to be a journalist... heh), so here goes with attempt #2 at reflecting.

1. Always bring an umbrella. 
You'll never know when the sky will start PMS-ing on you.

2. When you see something you like, BUY IT. 
You'll regret it later when you can no longer find it and complain about it for two weeks.

3. Treasure time with family and friends. They won't be around forever. 
Wow this post just took a depressing turn.

4. Take caution when touching stray cats. 
You may or may not get a contagious fungal infection, and then infect the rest of your family...

5. People will actually pay money to view a garden full of cactuses. 
Cacti or cactuses? Actually, Google says it's both. My parents dragged us to a place called 'Cactus Valley' awhile back, and yup that's a LOT of cactuses...

6. When a person sleeping in the same room snores like a lawn mower, resist the urge to suffocate them with your pillow. Instead, invest in a good pair of 31 decibels earplugs.

7. Free WiFi is like air and water.

8. Think carefully before signing a consent form to be in a TV ad that showcases your brilliant fumbling moves. It'll haunt you forever.

9. Always bring a water bottle with you. It'll save you a lot of money. #asianlyfe

10. Never sign out of websites. 
You won't be able to remember what the password is.

11. When in doubt, messy bun. 
I'm physically incapable of doing an actual flawlessly tousled bun, but just mash up your hair into a hair-tie and voila.

12. Weigh out your options before choosing to drench your hair in vinegar in order to get rid of head lice. And definitely don't take dad's suggestion of using kerosene.

13. "Life's short. Dieting only makes it feel longer." - a quote from one of my mum's books

14. Don't forget to bring tissues or paper towels before entering a public toilet. 
You'll regret it otherwise. ESPECIALLY in Asia.

15. Lettuce is actually filling?! 
After being influenced by my dad's low-carb diet, I've found that lettuce with some protein actually does the job of filling the tum-tum. WITHOUT the extra calories. Huzzah!

16. No matter how much you hate it, trying clothes on before purchasing them is actually beneficial. 
I learnt that the hard way, after finding out that I own a lot of clothes that don't fit me or don't look right. (But I don't know, there's just something so exciting and spontaneous about buying clothes without trying them on!?)

17. Wearing a onesie/playsuit sucks if you have a small bladder capacity.
Although it does bring out the inner child in me. But man, those buttons...

18. No matter how much you will it to happen, fatty foods/carbs will go everywhere else but the boobs.
The truth hurts.

Well, I guess this signals the start of an exciting future - filled with electoral forms, career choices, quarter-life existential crises, and the overwhelming responsibilities of adult life. Excuse me while I cry myself to sleep.

Wow, two selfies in one post? You've really outdone yourself. Cut me some slack bro, it's MAH BIRTHDAY. Anndd I'm having a conversation with myself...

Any serious or funny life lessons you have to share? 

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