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5 drugstore blushes review swatches

One of the most spoken phrases by yours truly is: WHY AM I SO PALE? Probably because I'm a hermit but let's not get into that. The day I discovered blush was a glorious day - the sun was shining, angels were singing and I looked ALIVE for once. My ridiculously pale complexion now looked like it could be capable of releasing pheromones and little flying hearts. So, here are some of my favorites... (Do note that this post was made before I obtained Tarte's exposed so this list will probably change in a few months. Wow, such fickleness.) 

The Baby Pink // NYX Blush in Peach
Baby pinks are a total weakness of mine. Even more so, are MATTE blushes. Yes yes yes. Maybe it's because my face is almost equivalent to a geisha's, so light pinks and me are like a match made in heaven. I just love how natural Peach looks and the NYX blushes are the bomb; smooth and not powdery.

The Natural Highlight // BYS Blush in Candyfloss
This is the oldest blush I own and despite it being over 4 years old (a makeup crime in itself), it is still my favourite blush EVER. A bold statement to make about a blush that only costs like what, $3? I know, how cray is that. This is one of the lightest blushes I own, but it just gives the most gorgeous sheen. It's something I ALWAYS come back to. What can I say? It's my rebound.

The Hotter Pink // Essence Blush in Life's A Cherry
Life's a Cherry is a darker pink (I really need to learn how to describe blushes), making it a bit harder to wear for every day but when it's done right, it is just rosy perfection. Warning: Essence's blushes are super pigmented, and you'll probably need to apply it with a feather. Jks, but seriously, gentleness is key.

The Mauve-Berry Tones // Arbonne Blush in  Dusty Rose*
I'm going to be mainstream here, but this shade is just perfect for Autumn/Winter. Plus, it's also matte, which is perfect if you don't want to be all shimmer-shimmer during those snuggly days. Blush tends to wear off quickly on me which grinds my gears, but surprise! The Arbonne blushes are awesome, because colour is still visible on the cheeks even 6 hours later.

The Must-Have Peachy Pink // ELF Blush in Candid Coral
Peachy Pinks, oh how I adore you. I swear these are a pale girl's best friend (join the club, we've got jackets). One downside of the ELF blushes is that they're ridiculously soft and if you bring it travelling, it'll most likely smash into pieces (not speaking from experience or anything). Candid Coral is not too orangey-coral but still gorgeous, and gives a pretty sweet glow to the face.

*Provided for consideration. See disclaimer here

nyx peach essence life's a cherry arbonne plum wine elf candid coral blush swatches review
NYX 'Peach' // BYS 'Candyfloss' // Essence 'Life's a Cherry' // Arbonne 'Plum Wine' // ELF 'Candid Coral'

What is your go to blush?
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