Wednesday, 19 November 2014


revlon colorburst balm stain lovesick swatch review

Is it possible to completely and utterly fall in love with a lip product? The average human will say no, but I bet all of you are nodding and saying a big YES to that (this is why I love you guys).
Meet my latest beau - the Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain in Lovesick.

As I mentioned here, I'm a wallflower by nature and my everyday makeup is very understated. Never in a million years would I have imagined that I would be pulling out a shade like Lovesick so often. The secret to embracing a bright pink like this one? Dab and blend. Especially in the inner centre of the lips. Man does it look good. It just looks so... natural. Remember when you'd suck popsicles as a kid (or now) and your tongue and lips would be hilariously bright pink? Like that.

It's the perfect shade of bright pink to sheer out and if you're part of the pale club like me, it really livens up the complexion too. Of course, you could also wear it at full-blown opacity and it's equally as stunning. Honestly, I've never felt so pretty wearing a lip product until I met Lovesick (I really have to thank Sue for sending this to me in a swap).
You can also rest assured that after drinking a cup of coffee, this baby is still stuck to you like glue. You'll look fabulous the whole day. Its comfortable, non-drying formula is just another bonus.

revlon lovesick swatch

revlon lovesick lip swatch

Wow, just look at that attempt at a pout. And I clearly can't draw hearts. 
One thing to note though, be careful of straying lipstick! I had an embarrassing incident today where a friend politely asked why I had pink marker on my teeth. 'Um yeah, sorry, I'm trying to look like a Kpop star.'

What lip product makes you feel extra special?

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