Sunday, 26 October 2014

Top of the Taupes

taupe eyeshadows swatches

For so many years, I listened to the hype of shimmery bronzes and warm browns. I absorbed those smoky eye tutorials like a sponge. At first, I thought I was just very bad at doing smoky eyes (let's face it, I ain't an artist) because I'd end up looking like I'd just been punched by a chocolate bar. Pretty soon, I had flung my eyeshadow brushes aside and was resigned to my fate of never being able to wear a smoky eye in my life. Then a gear clicked in my head - I was simply getting the undertones wrong. As someone with a cool-toned complexion, it made perfect sense that a warm eyeshadow looked odd on me. Now here is where I confess my undying love for taupe eyeshadows.

Urban Decay Naked 2 - Tease
This shade was what kick-started my love affair with taupes. Tease is a purplish-grey which is matte - you can't beat that! (Ace rhyme right there) It looks awesome in the crease and also works as an eyebrow powder, surprisingly. Just don't go overboard or you might end up with odd, zombie-approved brows.

MAC - Satin Taupe
The next member of the sisterhood of the taupes is the famous MAC's Satin Taupe. Basically, if I had to own any MAC eyeshadow, it would be Satin Taupe hands down. It's a stunning brown that is cool-toned, so it just WORKS. I love this shade so much that I treat it like royalty and only bring this baby out on extra special occasions.

WetnWild Silent Treatment Trio - The Eyelid Shade
Er yeah, someone needs to give this shadow a proper name because it is mind-blowingly beautiful and one of my favourite shadows of all time. People have called it a dupe for Satin Taupe but there is a difference when you swatch both, where this one from WetnWild is more grey-toned. On the eyeballs however, they kind of look the same and give the same shimmery effect.

Essence - Greyhound
I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted this lonely gem hiding in a clearance bin for, wait for it... 86 cents! It lies at the furthest end of the grey spectrum and is probably considered more of a silver but keeping my ignorant makeup brain in mind, I'm going to call this one a taupe too. Greyhound is very shimmery, so perfect for those times when you want to draw attention to your flawless eye makeup.

L to R: Urban Decay 'Tease' // MAC 'Satin Taupe' // WetnWild 'eyelid shade from Silent Treatment' // Essence 'Greyhound

Do you like taupe eyeshadows? What is your favourite?

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