Thursday, 30 October 2014


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October rapidly flew by, and it's time to talk about the posts that I really enjoyed reading and kept me distracted from the avalanche of assignments that are about to kill me. Seriously. I'm BURIED. 
Anyways, I love posts like these because when you desperately need to get away from the books, or just ready to get stuck into your blog feed for the night, these links are especially handy.
And evidence of me being brainwashed by school work is in the fact that I have listed the posts in alphabetical order, as if I was referencing. *facepalm*

Anastasia Amour 8 Ways to Learn to Love Your Body

Bed in the Kitchen - Blogging Tools 

Bloomin Rouge - How to do Come Hither Eyes

Becoming Beauty - My University Experience: Productivity

Citron and Guavaberry - Sh*t Beauty Collectors Do

Ghost Parties - 5 Things: More Advice For Blemish Prone Skin

Milk Bubble Tea 20 Problems Only Short Girls Will Understand

Nouvelle Daily - Makeup for Glasses Wearers

The Sunday Chapter - The Bedroom Guide

Thunder Love - Reasons to Start a Blog

What post have you loved reading this month?

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