Monday, 3 November 2014


Hate is a strong word. Although if I'm completely honest, I could probably say I 'hate' a number of these things. I've always been a pretty fussy person, tsk such a spoiled child and I was always that socially awkward person at dinner gatherings, picking out the foods I don't eat and mashing them up so they could blend in with my chicken bones so no one would notice I didn't eat them. Here are just some of the many foods I really do NOT like.

1. Seafood - with the exception of fish which is okay (although getting a fish bone stuck in your throat for three days is not). I'm talking about oysters, squid, octopus etc. The rubbery texture and the idea that they have TENTACLES just thoroughly disgusts me.

2. Chillies - If you come from an asian family (holla), you might also have a family who eats actual chilli peppers as a side dish. Biting into one makes me feel like my taste buds have been thrown into a burning furnace and like my tongue is going to fall off and choke me to death.

3. Orange-flavoured anything - The actual fruit I can handle but I'd prefer not to have orange juice or orange sweets. Oh, and orange chocolate is just GROSS.

4. Ginger - I'm not quite sure what purpose ginger fulfils, and I'm also not sure why sliced ginger looks like salmon. How deceiving.

5. Crocodile - I don't care if it "tastes just like chicken". If I can picture a scaly reptile in my head, I'm not going to eat it.

6. Parsley - Ew, talk about stinky herbs. The particular smell of parsley just ruins any food it is garnished upon and I have to physically hold my breath in order to finish the dish.

7. Liver - Things like liver and intestines just sound so... cannibalistic. It has a repulsive smell, looks all wrinkly and c'mon, who wants to eat an internal organ? *gags*

8. Chicken Feet - If you're asian or ever had dim sum, chances are, you know about chicken feet.  Supposedly, there are benefits from eating it but I just don't see the appeal.

9. Beetroot - After eating it, you kinda look like you're bleeding purple. From the mouth.

10. Cucumber - I actually used to like cucumber and I'm not sure why the 'dislike' switch has been turned on as I got older. Probably explains why I'm also not a fan of eggplant. I haven't even tried it before but it reminds me of a purple cucumber.

11. Ham - I am the sole, odd member of my family who does not like ham (as in SPAM). I find the taste to be so different to pork, which I much prefer.

12. Mushrooms - I can eat certain mushrooms but then there are the other kinds, which are just so SQUEAKY.
I have no other words to describe its texture, besides the fact that it feels like you're chewing a rubber tire. Also, how weird is the word 'fungus'? *shudders*

13. Tomatoes - I'm that person who picks the tomatoes out of their burgers and refuses to eat them. They're so... squishy and juicy (not in a good way).

14. Olives - I loathe olives. They literally look like rolled up centipedes with legs. Ew, ew, ew.

15. Licorice - Ah, the age old battle of deciding if the 'very dark' jelly bean in your packet is grape or licorice. If cigarettes were made into a flavour of confectionery, licorice is probably it.

16. Raisins/Sultanas - Someone please tell me the difference between raisins and sultanas. Not that it matters, since I dislike both. I especially love to hate raisin toast.

17. Potato Salad - Now don't get me wrong, I love potatoes. I'm practically married to it, but COLD potato just doesn't get along with my taste buds.

18. Venison - It's like you're eating Bambi. Just think of that next time you eat it.

19. Peas - That's right, the list goes on. I'm that person, or should I say child, who picks out their peas and makes smiley faces out of them. While others would say "pass the peas", I would literally pass on the peas.

20. Bread - I sincerely hope I'm not the only person in the world who doesn't like bread. I can appreciate how it's a staple food but I'd honestly rather get sushi than go to subway, or have cereal instead of toast. Is there somebody out there who's not fond of bread? Anyone??

Now that we've established that I don't deserve to even have the privilege of food...

What foods do you NOT like? Are you a picky eater like me? 

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  1. #1,12,14&16 are smack on! I do HATE those foods lol I do love my cucumber and peas though :) it's funny that you don't like Orange flavour, I'm not a fan of lemon!


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