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Advice on Starting University

tips advice on starting university college

After many nervous breakdowns and existential crises, this girl here has somehow made it to the end of her first year of uni. And as we're fast approaching 2015 (what even), I have a few thoughts to share about the 'thrilling experience' that was this year. Hopefully I can offer helpful advice to those peeps who are going to commence university/college soon. So do not worry. I am here for you. *sings Michael Jackson's "You Are Not Alone"*

So you've made it into Uni... but you still don't know what you're doing? 
I totally get you. No really, I know exactly what you're feeling. So what if you're managed to write down a vague idea of your preferences and stumbled your way into one of them? You have no clue what you want for your future and no idea whether you've chosen the right thing (because let's face it, you pretty much just put down whatever sounded interesting at the time). It's okay. Baby steps, my friend. You've now got your foot in the door and congratulations on making it.

You may not like your course straight away.
People ask me how I'm enjoying my course and I honestly don't know what to say. I wake up every morning with a minor existential crisis and the inner conflict of whether I should change my course. Then I remind myself that it is only the beginning. You have plenty of time to decide whether this is something you want to pursue. In fact, I'm pretty sure I do NOT want to stand behind a counter and counsel patients for the rest of my life. And the reality is, the first year of most courses involve the most irrelevant subjects you will ever take because the school just needs something to fill in those gaps on your timetable. Hopefully, you'll start to enjoy your course way more in second/third year where you'll start learning things that actually matter. If you don't, there is always the option to switch courses. 

You will get a lot of freedom. Don't abuse it.
Attendance to classes are optional. You don't even have to turn up so why should you? I remember the first week of classes as being filled to the brim with 200+ students and then the numbers dwindled to half the next week. But if you really want to do well, do yourself a favour and try to turn up to as many classes as possible. It is so much easier to absorb information when you're forced to sit and listen to the lecturer. 

Resist the urge to slack off.
I could probably ditch my current course and graduate with a Degree in Procrastination. Because of all the freeedooom, it is so easy to just fall behind. And once you fall behind, it is really hard to catch up. *muffled sobs* What's different about Uni compared to high school is that really, you are responsible for your own learning. You won't have teachers on your behind chasing you for your work any more. So keep your eyes on what's in front of  you and work hard. Pft time to take my own advice.

You will really start to mature and grow as a young adult.
With all the expectations and basically everyone treating you as an adult, it is no surprise that uni is a time when you will really develop as a person. Since entering uni and being thrown in the deep end, I honestly feel like I've become more mature (maybe) and I can definitely see the difference between my current self and my self one year ago. 

It is never too early to set goals.
Goals. How else will you ever motivate yourself to get out of bed and actually attend class? Keeping your eyes on the 'prize' (for lack of better way to describe it) is so helpful in pushing yourself to work hard. Of course you may be like me and completely clueless when you first start, but I've always aspired to come out of uni with an official degree and to make myself and my parents proud. Aw isn't that cute. For me, that's MY goal and it becomes my way of motivating myself

What are your thoughts on uni/college? 
I'd love it if  you could share your opinions/experiences down below!

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