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My Top 4 Cream Blushes

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Call me stupid, but I used to have a serious dislike for cream blushes. Why? Well, try blending a cream product on top of already powdered foundation and soon you'll be tearing your hair out in frustration too. Now that I've played around with cream blushes a bit more (and actually know how and when to apply them), I can appreciate the gorgeous glow and wear time that comes with a good cream cheek colour. Here are some of my favourites.

The cream blush in Afternoon Tea was my first and only Topshop purchase. After getting discouraged at seeing the prices of their clothing, I settled for this adorably packaged blush. While it looks like a cookie on the outside, it houses a cool-toned light pink that is almost barbie-like. Don't let the shade fool you because it sheers out to a lovely baby pink. It has a smooth, mousse texture and a powder finish which I appreciate when I'm far too lazy to go the extra step of setting my cream blushes. This is also perfect for those with skin on the oilier side if you don't want to look even more 'glowy'.

I was fairly excited to finally get my hands on (literally) the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush. Despite the mixed reviews, all I really wanted was to experience the bouncy texture for myself. Feeling my finger sink into the foamy blush makes me giddy with excitement (feel free to question my sanity). Plum Wine is a great berry shade without being scarily dark. The pigmentation isn't amazing but then again is impossible to overdo and is perfect if you want a subtle glow. 

The Essence 'Me & My Ice Cream' Cream Blush in Ice Bomb is my go to when I want a super natural, peachy sheen that also acts as a highlight. The colour itself contains shimmer which thankfully doesn't show up too much. The longevity isn't as good compared to other cream blushes but is still a nice product when topped over another blush. 

Finally, the famous NYX Cream Blush is definitely a winner in my books. You only need the tiniest amount to get a beautiful peachy pink Glow which is coincidentally the name of this particular shade. If I had to pick my absolute favourite out of the bunch, this would be it. The formulation is creamy, easy to blend and keeps your cheeks dewy for a decent while. With all my cream blushes, I apply them with my fingers or use a stippling blush. 

cream blush swatch nyx glow topshop afternoon tea maybelline dream bouncy plum wine essence ice bomb
Essence Ice Bomb // NYX Glow // Topshop Afternoon Tea // Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush Plum Wine

 What is your favourite cream blush? 

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