Thursday, 4 September 2014

Beauty Essentials We Often Forget About

Have you ever forgotten to pack something so little yet so essential? Then you realize how much harder it'll be to function without it? These are the things we reach for instinctively and don't even think twice about.
I thought it'd be fun (and a bit confronting) to talk about some beauty products and tools that are often understated, yet are such life savers and deserve some recognition.

Ah the humble eyelash curler. Essentially a push up bra for our eyelashes. It gives them that extra oomph that wouldn't be there otherwise even with mascara. If you have stubborn straight lashes that stick out like straw, giving your lashes a curl with this handy contraption is so critical in letting people know 'Yes that's right, I have eyelashes!' 

To avoid overgrown bushes above our eyes, sometimes those follicles just need to be plucked. Imagine what this chore would be like without a tool like tweezers. You literally would have to wrench out your brow hairs with your bare hands! It all sounds a bit primitive doesn't it, so let's not forget to give a mental round of applause to the kind sir that came up with the idea of tweezers (apparently it was the Egyptians!) I use the Manicare Soft Touch Tweezers which are comfortable and easy to grip.

I would never have predicted that someday I would be discussing bodily hairs on the internet but alas, it is an issue we need to address. I don't know about you but it really irks me when the hairs on my legs grow to the point where they rub against my clothes and they hurt (no? just me?). Forcibly removing these hairs with a shaver is an effective way to restore my humanity and feel less like Godzilla. The Schick Hydro Silk* is my personal favorite in obtaining an even, close shave.

I feel like hairbrushes are a very personal thing. If I ever have to borrow someone else's, I feel a bit disgusted and uncomfortable. We use brushes so often to tame our otherwise unmanageable locks and yet we never thank it for its hard work. It eradicates our oh-so-attractive bed hair, pesky knots and helps us to look somewhat presentable. My current favorite is the Cloud Nine Dressing Brush* which makes brushing such a painless breeze and to think that a few years ago, I was using a measly comb!

If it weren't for these underrated friends, we would all be scratching at our polishes or dipping our nail beds in corrosive acids. Nail polish removers get mentioned here and there, but not a whole lot and I think we need to return more credit to where it is due. I usually opt for the Face of Australia Nail Polish Remover which is a super affordable, effective option. You could also try those easy-peasy-simply-dip-your-nail-in removers that are perfect for the lazy. 

To quote Karen from Mean Girls - "My nail beds suck." To be more exact, my cuticles have definitely seen better days. Nothing has worked quite as well as the Burts' Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream which really helps to keep my nails looking healthy. Wouldn't you like to present your future fiancé with beautiful cuticles when they propose to you? *wink*

If you know you have bad B.O, please do the public a favour and try to conceal it. A little deodorant can make a world of difference, especially on a humid Summer day. Don't even get me started on the times I've forgotten to put on deodorant before those unforgettable Physical Education classes. My product of choice is the Nivea Stress Protect which does a good job in controlling those armpit secretions without leaving that dreaded powdery residue on clothes. 

I'm sure a number of you are now ducking your heads in shame and attempting to scroll past this paragraph as if you hadn't seen it. But in all honesty, many of us are sailing in the same SPF-lacking ship that's destined to maroon onto the shores of hyper pigmentation. Perhaps it's the association of SPF with that strong-smelling grease that our mothers used to slather all over us on family vacations? But a little sunscreen never hurt anyone, and reducing the chance of getting skin cancer is a pretty sweet bonus. 

*Provided for consideration. See disclaimer here

Do you have anything to add to this list?

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