Sunday, 31 August 2014

Embracing The Natural Glow

inika cosmetics mineral makeup blog review

Thanks to my skin looking dull as heck recently, I've been trying out some products that have been my personal assistants in terms of creating the appearance of healthy, dewy skin. It took me quite some time to distinguish between looking oily and glowy and now I'm embracing the glow with open arms. Who doesn't want to look they're glowing from within right? Unfortunately, not many of us are blessed with the skin to go completely 'au naturale' (oh how I wish) but thanks to the power of makeup, looking like we've got naturally radiant skin can be easily achieved.

The products featured in this post are all from Inika Cosmetics*, which I'm pleased to say uses all organic ingredients and prides itself on its mineral makeup. There's nothing more natural than makeup from the earth itself right?

It is so important to have an even base which gives the illusion of naturally flawless skin. I really appreciate lightweight foundations like the Liquid Mineral Foundation which feels hydrating on the skin. The light coverage and satin finish still lets your skin show through and evens out any discolouration, making people think you have good skin but really, you just have a good base.

A good cheek colour does wonders in warming up the complexion. I usually opt for cooler shades but a pinch of the Creme Colour Blush in Rosehip makes it look like you've just been out on the sand getting a gorgeous tan. Realistically this is something that I would never do but I've been pleasantly surprised by this cherry-like shade and how it wears really well throughout the day.

It can be a struggle to find a highlighter that doesn't look like I've just been rolling around in a crafts store but my prayers have been answered with this Light Reflect Highlighting Creme. The fine shimmer blends out seamlessly into a natural yet eye-catching sheen, which definitely makes you look like you just drank from the fountain of youth. Pair it with the Creme Blush and you could be the next Victoria's Secret model. This is definitely my pick from the bunch.

With all the glow-getting going on, I like to keep the lips very understated. A swipe of this dusty mauve Lipstick in Warm Dusk tones down the natural pigment of my lips while feeling creamy and comfortable. While I wouldn't necessarily pair this lipstick with the particular blush shade, it still is a nice stand-alone product.

inika cosmetics makeup swatch review

Here is my face in all its glory. As you can see, the foundation looks super natural but I love the hint of radiance. Hopefully you too (yes, including oily skin gals!) will be inspired to amp up your everyday makeup look. Soon we can all join hands and sing "I woke up like this..."

Inika Products available here.

*Provided for consideration. All opinions are 100% honest as always.

What do you think of the Natural Glowy look?

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