Sunday, 16 February 2014

Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream

Once again, ladies and gentlemen, another Western BB cream has landed in the beauty world. 
Olay has come out with their own BB cream as part of their Fresh Effects range and to be honest, I didn't have high expectations. 

We all know how previous Western BB creams have performed, and to call them "BB creams" always produces a bit of a laugh. Not to mention that when my eyes caught onto the words "Tinted Moisturizer" on the front packaging, alarm bells started going off in my head. 

I have the shade Light to Medium and surprisingly, it seemed to be light enough to match me. At first.
For some reason, it seemed to begin to oxidize a few minutes after application. In fact, it seemed to look a bit... orange? However, this peculiar colour change didn't have me screaming due to other reasons which I will explain further on.

This BB cream claims to have "5 Skin Perfecting Benefits"; four of which I agree with (that is - Refreshes, Brightens, Hydrates and Smooths the skin) .
The texture of the BB cream is very nice and what I like most about it. It feels creamy and light on the skin. It  has a dewy finish that does not leave you looking or feeling greasy. Oil control isn't the greatest but it did not make me oilier either.

The product doesn't seem to really set on its own as you can still feel the dewiness on your skin but I set everything with a powder anyway.

Now, coverage is the area that most Western BB creams fail to deliver in. The coverage of this is interesting... in fact, I would call it non-existent. Once blended out, the product literally disappears. My skin feels hydrated but other than that, looks pretty much the same. Now do you see why the fact that it oxidizes isn't so significant?
I was pretty disappointed in that aspect, which thus led me to declaring it as a "Tinted Moisturizer - without much tint".


Can you see a difference? 

Unfortunately, it did break me out but I wasn't surprised as it has a moderately strong floral scent. What else is new with my extremely sensitive skin?

Overall, I was a bit disappointed as I was expecting more pigmentation due to the "BB cream" title. No surprises there, huh? It IS a great moisturizer though as it is very light, hydrating, has a lovely texture, and contains SPF 15.

This product is available for AUD$16.99. 

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This product was kindly provided for consideration, however all opinions expressed are 100% honest.


  1. Mm, I think I will definitely be skipping this. I tend to think of Western BB creams as a whole different category to Asian ones. I think of them just as a light coverage base that feel light weight and comfortable on the skin. It's unfortunate that this broke you out, but then again they really shouldn't put such strong scents in skin products!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. Thanks for your review. Definitely will be skipping this one. I'm still using the Maybelline and Garnier ones with good results so won't be looking at anything new yet! Hope your skin recovers soon!
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  3. The only BB cream I like is the Garnier Oily/Combo one. I'm gonna skip these - they're just like a tinted moisturiser. Thanks for the review love <3

    1. I've tried that one and that has great coverage. (breaks me out though lol)
      Thanks for reading x

  4. What a joke...I hate products that have absolutely no coverage, what is the point of that?! Thanks for the review, won't be picking this up any time soon. x

    1. Haha, well if it was used as a moisturizer it would be alright.
      Thanks for reading Candice x

  5. I am so sorry you spent your money on a bb with NO coverage at all! Not even light! That's just shocking! Thanks a lot for sharing~!

    1. I was sent these for review. But it still does make a nice moisturizer haha!

  6. Wow ... no coverage there whatsoever! But at least it's a decentish moisturiser. I'm a bit over the BB cream thing - I never really understood them given that Asian ones are just medium coverage, dewy foundations and Western ones are just tinted moisturisers. Lol.


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