Monday, 9 September 2013

Japanese Snacks from CANDYSAN

Confession: I have a sweet tooth.

I absolutely love my desserts, my lollies, my chocolates (explains my frequent visits to the dentist oops).

I came across a website called Candysan that sells Japanese snacks, candies etc. and my taste buds took over.
Soooo I'll be sharing with you the yummy goodies I received and some of my favorites!

The package took 2 weeks to arrive and was filled with so much yumminess! I was so excited when I opened it. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of the actual food themselves because I kinda ate them all...

These are all the snacks I got (the ones that I can find on the website will be linked):
- Pokemon gummies (couldn't find the exact product)
- Koala chocolate biscuits
- Butter and Salt bread biscuits
- Green Apple and Pineapple sprinkles
- Happy Nikukyu - Muscat flavor (Gummies that taste like white grape)
- Pucho Peach gummy (Peach-flavored and chewy with raspberry jols inside of the candy!)
- Watapachi Melon Popping candy (Looks like candy floss that tastes like green apple and POPS)
Pure Gummy - Yoghurt and Mango

And two more that I forgot to include in the photo (photos taken from
- Baked Little Chocolates

- Popin Cookin DIY candy
(This is really cool! You have a bunch of gummy candy things which you can break and mould into little animals or whatever you want! I'm not creative whatsoever so I ended up just making half-ass attempts at a panda and then ate it.)

Now onto my FAVORITES out of the bunch.


If you are familiar with Hello Panda  (omg I love those), this is basically the same but in Koala form! 

These were sooo yum and were a nice midnight snack ;) They come in little bread bits that taste like butter with salt. 

Gummy cubes that taste like vanilla and mango and I LOVE MANGO. 'Nuff said.

If you're a cavity-addict er, I mean candy addict, I think you will love a lot of the snacks Candysan has to offer. I think asian snacks and candy are one of the best!

Btw, I'm thinking about starting a "Sweet Treats" series like this where I feature my favourite snacks. 
What do you guys think, would you be interested? The posts won't be on a regular basis but just whenever I have something delicious to share :)

Hm, this reminds me of that level of Candy Crush that I'm stuck on... 


Disclaimer: These products were kindly provided for consideration but all opinions expressed are 100% honest. 


  1. NOMS! I love Japanese candy! Luckily I'm heading to Tokyo at the end of the year.. but until then I'll have to check these out ;) The koala ones are WAY better than the Panda ones in my opinion hehe xx

    1. Tokyo?! Wow you lucky girl, I really want to visit Japan :)

  2. Yum!! I love the koala chocolate ^_^ I'm not sure if hello panda is japanese, but it's delicious!

  3. I'd prefer Hello Panda than Koala though, it's too melted and something weird with the biscuits. I find it too oily :s

    However, you should try Chochobi (Shincan's chocolate treats) and oh have you tried Pocky? They're my fave! :D

  4. Yummy snacks! The Koalas are a fave of mine as well! I love the strawberry one. Can you not get them at your local Chinese supermarket? I don't think I could wait two weeks for my snacks to arrive, too hungry haha

  5. Yum! Wow that butter and salt biscuits sounds delish!

  6. Great haul. I really want to try Poppin' Camdy stuff!!

  7. Cute haul! Yummy :)
    I'm a new follower xx


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