Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Arbonne Makeup Primer [Review]

So I have a confession to make...

I've never ever used face primer before.

Those of you who can't live without your primers are probably staring at the screen in shock right now. How was she not using a primer?

I just never felt it was necessary to put a primer before my foundation. I was satisfied with how my foundation looked and stayed and I was basically too cheap to go out and buy a primer. 

So I was quite interested to try out the

Arbonne Makeup Primer

 RRP $50

I've never tried anything from Arbonne before, mainly because of the pain-in-my-wallet prices. 

Firstly, let me just say that after using this for a few weeks - I LOVE IT.

It has a pump which is ALWAYS appreciated ;)

It contains "Hyaluronic Filling Spheres, Horsetail Extract, Green Tea Leaf and Grapeseed Extract" . Sounds nice doesn't it? Apart from the uh - Horsetail Extract...but not to worry, Arbonne is vegan-friendly and doesn't test on animals!

It's also "free of parabens and talc" which is always a plus.
Arbonne is a hypoallergenic brand so perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive skin and I'm happy to say it didn't break me out!

When I applied this to my skin before foundation, I was amazed. It felt like I was literally applying butter onto my face. That sounds kinda gross, but trust me, it felt good.

It immediately got rid of any dry patches and I was touching my face all over because my skin just felt SO silky and smooth. It also made applying foundation like a dream.

How did my foundation wear?
I was super impressed. My foundation lasted all day, easily 8 hours, and my foundation was still looking flawless, covering what I wanted to cover. Without a primer, I get about 6 hours wear out of my foundation and my acne will be showing through. I also didn't get shiny or oily.

The only downfall is the price, but I am thoroughly enjoying this product and will definitely look into a drugstore primer after this finishes!

If you're looking to invest into a good primer, I definitely recommend the Arbonne Makeup Primer!

Check out Arbonne products here!

What's your favourite face primer?


Disclaimer: This product was kindly provided for my consideration however this does not affect my opinion and my reviews are always 100% honest. 


  1. I only started using a primer a few weeks ago! Awesome that it is in clear gel form! I have the Face of Australia one and it is so good! The bottle kinda looks like a nail polish bottle from a distance haha

  2. This sounds awesome! Did it smooth out the skin's texture at all? I've only tried the Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot primer, which honestly for me didn't really do that much. I'm pretty content to wear foundation without primer!

    x Tashi

    1. Yes it definitely smoothed out my skin, making foundation really easy to apply :)

  3. Does this product contain Silicone? It reminds me of my Smashbox Primer and silicone broke me out :(

    1. It has "Silica Dimethyl" something. Not sure if that's the same thing but sorry to hear that :(

  4. I'm obsessed with primers. This one sounds quite good, but I don't think I will be rushing out the door to grab one with a price tag like that! I'm too poor! :'(

    1. Yes I agree :( But if I could afford it, I would buy it xD

  5. I LOVEE this product!! Might be doing a review soon :) Was nice to hear your thoughts, totally agree! :) x

  6. That's fine, I only use primer when I'm about to attend an event, or will be staying out all night :) For some people, primers are never really considered as one of the "basics"

    Angel was here!

  7. Primers are definitely awesome, and an essential part of any make up routine.. but $50?!?! WOW!! Must be made of gold! Haha!


  8. I have such a love for primers, and this one sounds amazing!

  9. Lol i cant live without face primer!


  10. I use a primer for days when I need my makeup to look fresh for longer, though I'm too lazy to use it for everyday. This one sounds like a winner!

    PS: I'm hosting a Suigo hair pack giveaway; hope you enter: http://www.underlockandkeyblog.com/2013/05/suigo-hair-review-and-giveaway.html

  11. This primer is one of my favourites! I'm glad you like it :D

  12. Oh that primer looks really interesting
    Is the firt time than I see that brand!
    Many thanks for share sweetie!


  13. I've never heard of this brand before but I'm loving the sleek black packaging it has! I haven't yet found a primer that I like (the Revlon one I have proves to be too greasy for my liking) and this one sounds great.

  14. awesome review! looking forward to trying this out in the future! (:

  15. I've actually never tried primer either o: I'm considering it lately though

  16. Horsetail extract huh! That definitely has me intrigued :p As well as the buttery application haha :) I'm not big on primer either but good to hear this really made a difference in prolonging foundation wear time.

  17. Glad you liked the primer!! Isn't it amazing?? I'm an Independent Consultant for Arbonne. Email me at ainsley.mallett@gmail.com for free Arbonne samples! Use my ID when shopping online and you can get 20% as a preferred client :))) How great is that! xoxoxo

  18. I never used to use primer either until last year! I always wondered why I had to re-apply my concealer and powder all through the day. I've learned through YouTube videos how to apply makeup, and then became an Independent Consultant with Arbonne because I fell in love with ALL of their products. I figured it's better to be a consultant and get almost all of my products for FREE, and earn a paycheck, than buy stuff at Ulta all the time, and not get paid for it! ;)

    I can offer you a great deal. Especially this month, because I am trying to promote to District Manager with the company, so I'm offering 50% off to anyone who wants to purchase this product. There is a 45-day moneyback guarantee, so if you don't like it, just return it. :D I honestly think it's the best I've ever tried...especially because of how safe it is for, in comparison to other store-bought brands.

    If you want more info about Arbonne products, visit my website at: www.kkornichuk.myarbonne.com You can check out the products, sign up as a preferred client to get 20% off your orders all year, or email me at kkornichuk@myarbonne.com to place an order for 50% off.

    God bless!


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