Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Arbonne Blush in 'Dusty Rose'

Today, I will be showcasing one of the blushes that I've really been enjoying recently! It's the...

Arbonne Blush in Dusty Rose

In terms of packaging - a big thumbs up from me!
There is this very handy button that you push for the lid to open, which is so convenient (not to mention, fun at the same time >:D Yes, I derive pleasure from opening a blush.)

Dusty Rose is well-named.
It's a gorgeous, medium-pink, "dusty rose" colour with some mauve undertones. 

The formula of this powder blush is great. It's super smooth and pigmented, so I use a stippling blush to make sure there isn't blush overload.

Swatch Time! (Where does the word 'swatch' come from anyway?)

There are also some silver micro-shimmers which you can see in the pan and swatched but doesn't transfer to the face. Instead, it gives a really nice highlight to the cheeks!

I really like the mauve undertones in this. I have a very fair complexion so this warms it up really well!

This is how it looks on the cheeks when applied lightly with a stippling blush. It's really subtle but I think it looks nice and natural. :)
You could definitely make a powerful statement if you applied it not-as-lightly as it's fairly pigmented.

The main reason why I love this blush so much is the amazing staying power. Out of all the blushes I own, this one lasts the longest.

I can still see the blush on my cheeks after 6 hours when usually, my blush has already faded halfway through the day. I was very surprised and impressed!

Again, the only downfall is the price, one of these babies retail for $40.00. But I think the price reflects the quality in this case ;)

Arbonne products are hypoallergenic, so sensitive-skin buddies can be at ease.

Check out Arbonne products here!


Disclaimer: This product was kindly provided for my consideration however this does not affect my opinion and my reviews are always 100% honest. Seriously, why would I lie to you guys? 


  1. This looks gorgeous and sounds like amazing quality :) I love the shade


    1. It really is!
      Thanks for reading Sarah x

  2. I have an Arbonne blush and it really is very impressive!

    1. I read your review and it looks pretty too!

      Thanks for reading Candice! x

  3. This looks like a really beautiful shade and the quality sounds amazing! I find blush is one of the first things to fade on me! I don't have any shades like this in my collection - it would be perfect for Autumn/Winter!

    x Tashi

    1. Yes, I agree, it would be perfect for the seasons we're in now!
      And same, blush always disappears the quickest on me.

      Thanks for reading Tashi x

  4. Beautiful colour, so natural.


  5. I've never heard of the brand, great color :D


  6. Its completely a shade I'd get. I have like 5 shades so similar to this!

  7. This color is lovely =) I love it!

  8. The colour of this blush looks stunning. I love dusty/mauve shades.

  9. This colour reminds me of the NARS outlaw blush ...

  10. The quality and lasting power sounds great!

  11. this is a cute shade! I love the idea of opening it with a button! :)

  12. What a gorgeous colour! :) x

  13. The packaging is sooooo convenient! :)
    I love the color, so pretty! I heard that Arbonne products are vegan friendly, not tested on animals, no talc and parabens!
    Thumbs up! Thank you for this great review! :)


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