Thursday, 2 May 2013

April Faves!

Can you believe it's April already?

I feel like I'm ageing so rapidly haha!

Here are the products I've been loving in April:

Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion

Cetaphil products are great for those with sensitive skin - aka me! I found their original moisturiser was too heavy for my liking. I love using this moisturiser at night, when my skin feels like the Sahara Desert. It's very moisturising but doesn't feel oily or greasy.

Milani Illuminating Face Powder 03 Beauty's Touch

Firstly, let's take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this product. How gorgeous is it!?
I find this a bit too sheer to be a blush for me but I use it as a highlighter on top of my blush. The swirl of pink, white and red give a really pretty pink highlight to my cheeks.

MAC lipstick Viva Glam V

This lipstick was what took my MAC Virginity xD It's a lustre and has quite a few gold shimmers in it which sometimes transfers to the lips but it's not too noticeable. I love how natural this looks. Viva Glam V is a pink with strong brown undertones and is similar to my natural lip colour (swatch below).

Viva Glam V
ELF powder brush

I absolutely love this brush because it's a flat-top and I prefer patting my powder onto my foundation rather than buffing it because that removes my foundation. It's soft and very dense so picking up powder is super easy. Plus, it's only $3!

Savvy by DB nail polish Mint Julep

This is probably  the perfect mint colour for me. It's opaque with 2 coats and chipping isn't too bad and it's only $3! The colour in the bottle is pretty much the colour you get on your nails.

Face of Australia nail polish remover

I picked this up because it was like the cheapest nail polish remover I could find :P It works quite well and doesn't make my nail feel dry and brittle after. Nothing bad to say except I really detest nail polish and nail polish remover smell (it gives me headaches). Anyone with me?

Lanolin Skin Creme

I've been enjoying this Australian-made product as an all over body moisturiser. I use it mainly on my arms and legs and it's light-feeling, yet provides enough moisture. It gets rid of those ugly spiderwebs that the skin on your legs seems to form when it's super dry. It also smells nice, but the fragrance made my face break out so I've restricted it to my body only.

That's all for my April faves!
Thanks for reading!



  1. I havent tried these products so it's interesting to read about them. The Milani powder is too gorgeous!x

  2. Ahhh that blush is so beautiful! I love that shade of nail polish too.

  3. I've been thinking of getting some elf brushes. Good to know that they're pretty good, especially considering the price!

  4. I love how the blush has such pretty roses in its design! Viva Glam V looks perfect to wear out everyday as it isn't too over the top and is quite a pretty nude/pink shade. The nail polish shade is perfect for winter, I haven't tried any of Savvy's polishes though!

  5. The Milani Illuminating powder is stunning! x

  6. Have you ever tried the nail polish removers from the face shop? They have a pink one that smells like strawberries, and doesn't dry our nails either! I love it :P

  7. Great favourites! The ELF powder is one of my favourites. I can never go back to using a kabuki brush after using this brush haha. Oh and the MAC lipstick look beauitful! :)

  8. That Milani powder looks AMAZING!!!!!!! So jealous of that brand, not here in the UK xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  9. Milani illuminating thing looks so prettey ;_;

  10. The Milani powder looks so pretty - I'd probably even buy it just to look at it!

  11. Yep, I hate nail polish remover smell too. That's why I use the Cutex Nourishing nail polish remover - I found it to fare a little bit better than others I've tried smell-wise. The Milani powder with the rose pattern is gorgeous!

  12. Great Favorites! i love that elf powder brush! and the blush design onit, the different roses... its so cute!

  13. I'm in love with the Milani powder. These's so pretty!*_*

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  15. Great favorites, especially Milani Illuminating Face Powder :)

  16. I absolutely love that nailpolish!! I have 2 bottles coz it's my favourite


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