Friday, 1 February 2013

BeautyJoint Haul

Hi guys!

Awhile ago, I received my order from BeautyJoint , which is a site that sells tons of American makeup brands which we can't get here -.- (Why Australia why)

I didn't get too much because it was my first time ordering from them but I was super impressed!
The packaging was fool-proof, wrapped in countless layers of bubble wrap and tape - I was practically wrestling with it.

I chose the cheapest shipping option and it came in 6 days which is amazing!

So what did I get?

What I got (from L to R):
- ELF studio Stipple brush
- ELF studio Powder brush
- Wet n Wild trio in 'Silent Treatment'
- ELF studio blush in 'Candid Coral'
- NYX cream blush in 'Glow'

I'm really pleased with my order because I actually LOVE every item! 

I absolutely love the 'Silent Treatment' trio, it has lovely colours and everyone knows of Wet n Wild's amazing quality! 

The ELF stipple brush works great with the NYX cream blush, the powder brush applies powder wonderfully and 'Candid Coral' is simply gorgeous. 

They will all probably be featured in a future Favourites post :)

Have you ordered from BeautyJoint before?



  1. I've been aching to make a beauty joint haul for ages! Glad you had a good experience with them.

  2. I just got one of those Woolworths prepaid mastercards because I hate asking my parents to use their cards and for them to be like 'Why you buy makeup for?' So I was actually looking to buy off this site :D
    Can I ask how much you spent and the shipping? Trying to find good makeup sites with cheap shipping :)
    And I love the Nyx blush!! >:O

    1. I so know what you mean, I used a Visa Prepaid card for this too :P

      Shipping was "First Class International" and it was $10. Pretty reasonable. :)

    2. It sucks to be under 18 :( Thanks for replying! Definitely going to buy off here now :D Oh and did you have to connect your card to paypal or just use the card by itself?

    3. When I got the card, it was activated at the time of purchase so I didn't have to connect it to anything :)

  3. Wow where in Australia do you live? Only 6 days?! I live in Sydney and my friend bought some things from BeautyJoint and she said it took three weeks to arrive!

    Anyway, I've heard a lot of negative things about Elf brushes.. I look forward to hearing you talk about them if they do come up in your favourites :)

    1. The ELF brushes so far have been great!
      And I live in SA :)

  4. wow nice haul .. I love Silent treatment too ..the shipping seems very impressive

  5. Before my spending ban I was constantly buying off Beautyjoint! The shipping time is AMAZING and their range is just awesome! You got some great stuff, can't wait to see some reviews ;)

  6. The Elf studio brushes look great- I'm on the lookout for a nice powder brush at the moment so I would love to hear how they go! The Wet 'n' Wild trio have a beautiful colour combination that looks really wearable and the blush shade looks gorgeous:)

  7. I've only ever purchased from beautyjoint once but I love it :)

  8. Would totally like to get my hands on those brushes, the trio and the cream blush! I've yet to try a cream blush but I'd love to!

  9. I have ordered from beauty joint before, I love their prices! Those elf brushes look very interesting :)

  10. I do remember Beautyjoint's packaging - they certainly don't skimp on the bubble wrap :p Yay you finally got your hands on Silent Treatment! Love the purple in it :)

  11. I've ordered from Cherry Culture before but the only brands that interest me are NYX and Milani. I've ALWAYS wanted to make a Beauty Joint order but a bit hesitant but I might now :) I love finding Australian bloggers too, I just followed you back xx :)

  12. Did you use a prepaid visa card? If so, which option did you choose, the Paypal or regular Credit Card/Debit Card? I was thinking about getting a card to buy off Beauty Joint but I wasn't sure if they would accept it

    1. Yes I did!
      You just choose Credit Card, and then Visa. As if you're just using a normal visa card. :)


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