Tuesday, 25 August 2015


favourite instagram accounts you should follow

One of my favourite things to do? Mindlessly scroll through instagram. It's bad, I KNOW but in a lot of ways, it inspires me to do things I normally wouldn't do. Like uh, work out and eat healthy... sometimes cough. It wows me how many people there are in the world who are capable at taking such AH-MAZING photos and I'm just thankful we have something like Instagram where people can share snippets of their life and make you think #PHOTOGRAPHYGOALS.
If you're looking for some fresh, new pics on your feed (or just bored and need more people to stalk), then look no further. These are seven awesome instagram accounts right here.

@morethanadored - More Than Adored

Not only is Sarah one of my favourite bloggers (woo aussie represent!) but she has an awesome instagram account to match her blog. It's always fun seeing the "behind the scenes" and additional outtakes from her blog. Plus, you get to see a bit of her life and her adorable frenchie, Simba!

@icovetthee - I Covet Thee

You're probably familiar with Alix's blog but her Instagram account is just all things crisp, bright, vibrant and fun. It's a nice change to all the monochrome pics I keep seeing lately. P.S. I have nothing against minimalism... it's just that colour is nice, no?

@naturallymeghan - Naturally Meghan

So I had to include a food blog. DUH. Can you just say drooool?? Meghan's account just kindles this fire within me... she just makes healthy food combos look SO. GOOD. (Of course this happens while I'm scrolling on my phone and munching on chips, hehe)

@rachelgadiel - Rachel Gadiel

I'm a sucker for pastel and light hues. And flatlays on white desks... and now I have a strong urge to paint my desk white. I really appreciate the consistency of her Instagram photos and it's just pretty perfection *heart-eyed emoji*

@sugarandcloth - Ashley Rose

Another account with bright, fun photos that just tingle my soul. Do you see a pattern here? No kidding, Ashley's snaps just make me so happy. She sure has a knack for taking happy and colourful shots.

@cautiouslyobsessed - Cristina Martinez

Cristina's photos are just beautifully simple and CLASSY. That's the best way I can describe them, and they're not boringly black and white all the time either - there's always a hint of colour somewhere which grabs my attention.

@vanessaaameow - Vanessa

Writing up this post makes me cry because I've discovered so many beautiful people on Instagram and it's just me saying "GOALS" to everyone on the internet. And I mean, every. one. Vanessa's IG was a very new discovery but dang, this girl is HELLA CUTE. I'm normally not one to follow instagram accounts that show the personal life of just one person, but she's seriously dropdead gorgeous (I dare you to look at her and disagree with me). Every photo is so well composed and looks "profile picture worthy" if you know what I mean.

What IG account do you love to stalk?

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