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My major weakness? SKIN CARE. Please Sheri, tell me something I DON'T know. If you and I faced off in a heated battle, just dangle a new fancy skincare product in front of me and I'll drop to my knees and surrender. Okay maybe not that extreme, but I really do have this uncontrollable obsession with trying new skincare products (no wonder my skin throws tantrums sometimes). This has gotten to the point where I've even started a SERIES called "Skincare on Trial" which depicts my newest skincare adventures. And I have to say, I've discovered some cracka-lackin products recently.

la roche posay toleriane ultra eye contour anthelios XL review

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF50+*
Confession: I am now a complete La Roche-Posay convert! Can my skin please get married to their products?! The Anthelios XL is a great sunscreen - not super thick and absorbs well into the skin. My skin is a bit finicky when it comes to sunscreen and I hate feeling like a greaseball, so I'm glad I've found a sensitive-skin friendly option that gives me protection *wink* Okay I really need to stop doing that.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Eye Contour*
MEET MY NEW FAVOURITE EYE CREAM. *happy dance* The LRP Eye Contour is thick and one of the most hydrating eye creams I've come across. Usually, my under eye area goes back to being bone dry after 10 minutes of applying eye cream but this one lasts. What I like most about this eye cream is that it seriously BRIGHTENS up my eyes and not many eye creams do that for me. Highly recommend!

100% Pure Mint White Tea Moisturizer*
Does anyone else's skin go crazy when it comes to natural ingredients? Especially lavender, that is like the devil. So I was a bit skeptical of this moisturizer at first but guess what? My skin is LOVING it. I honestly feel like it gives the same effects as my usual lotion mixed with rosehip oil. My skin has been clearer recently (touch wood) and just feels a whole lot better. (Update: I love this so much that it's almost gone! Ahh)

La Mav Daily Vitamin C Brightening Serum*
Oh man, you probably think I'm in love with everything in this post... and you would be correct. ;) Recently, I've been enjoying switching over from my beloved rosehip oil to Vitamin C. To be honest, I can't say if there's a difference between the two but I love this one too! Usually with oils, my forehead gets a little bit clogged with tiny bumps but those have actually reduced. (Not sure if it's thanks to this or to the other awesome products I mentioned?)

Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy
Ooooh just check out that uber fancy name, I do feel a bit special when putting this on. After I finished up my last hand cream, I cracked this one open and was pleasantly surprised by how rich and moisturizing it was. YES SOFT HAND GOALS.

*Provided for consideration. See disclaimer here

What skincare favourite have you discovered recently?

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