Thursday, 23 April 2015


behind the frames blog things I love

Hah, I bet when you clicked on this post you were expecting beautiful, meaningful things in life that make me happy eg. the sound of birds and wind chimes, but nope. You're just a witness to this crazy who enjoys... interesting things. Here's the 15236th example of Sheri-is-insane-and-needs-to-be-locked-up.

1. Crinkling sounds
I'm talking about paper bags or wrapping paper. When I discovered the ASMR part of Youtube? Best. day. ever. Here's an example. I'm listening to it right now and ermahgersh it just gives me the tingles. Eeep. (Does this count as a fetish?)

2. The sound of things being sucked up the vacuum
Ah, such satisfaction. It's truly great being in an asian family with rice as our staple food, which emits the most beautiful crackling sound when it shoots up the vacuum. Seriously, what is with me and weird sounds??

3. Pajamas that can be doubled up as 'going out clothes'
I used to wear those pj sets with printed ice creams and cartoons on them but now, I'm all about the baggy tees and shorts. This means I can wake up and just get out the door without getting changed. BOOM life hack.

4. Soup that is too hot
I can't deal with soup that's just 'a little bit' hot. I'd rather not drink it if the soup is just warm. It must be HOT. SCALDING HOT ya hear me? So hot that it burns my tongue and leaves a reminder for days as to how I drank the most amazing, delicious soup that was too hot a few days ago.

5. Fuzzy things
Pillows, carpets, kittens, arm hairs. If it's fuzzy and soft and worth stroking, I'm all over that.

6. New car smell
So clearly I'm a very SENSE-ual type of person... get it? *slow wink* If it wasn't frowned upon and downright bizarre, I would totally just test drive a whole tonne (not ton, TONNE) of new cars just so I can be surrounded by the smell of new car interiors. SIGHH.

7. Oversized Clothes
I don't mean SO oversized that you look like you're drowning in fabric, but the cute-oversized where you just look all cosy and snuggly. Like LET ME HUG YOU PLS. They're also super comfy so basically, oversized sweaters/cardigans are life.

8. Cold walls
Surely I'm not the only one who loves face planting the walls during Summer? I mean, they're so cold, refreshing and perfect to sleep against. Ahhh...

So... why did I stop at EIGHT things? Why not the perfect and complete number 10? (It's because I'm Chinese duh. Jokes, I just couldn't think of two more.)

If you didn't think this post was weird at all, and perhaps even AGREED with some of these, then you're almost as cool as this cat:


What is one 'unusual' thing you like?

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