Monday, 30 March 2015


Woo! Another month done and dusted. Not too sure how I felt about this month, as it basically consisted of me doggy-paddling down a stream of disturbingly-hard-subjects-which-really-shouldn't-be-this-hard, which then led to me questioning my life choices even before I've hit my twenties. Yup, great month. Anyhoo, what better way to end the month than with some fabulous posts for you to snuggle up with this week?

You Are a Big Deal - Alexandra Franzen
A must read about readership and your influence.

Peanut Butter White Hot Chocolate - Ash Bam
I've been obsessed with peanut butter chocolate desserts lately. One word to describe this simple recipe? Y-U-M.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles - I Heart Naptime
I made these the other day and can I just say, they are H-E-A-V-E-N-L-Y. Super easy to make too and no baking necessary! Thanks to Angela for sharing this recipe.

Working in Magazines - The Guilty Girl
As someone who's really interested in the field of journalism, Tami's experience of working for a magazine was a real interesting read! She has some valuable tips and lessons too.

Here's The Schedule Very Successful People Follow Every Day - Barking Up the Wrong Tree
Wow, who knew? Time to stop waking up at noon folks.

What's so wrong with Comic Sans? - BBC
You know, I never really understood the reason behind people's beefs with comic sans as a font. I guess this does explain it somewhat!

What Blogging Has Taught Me About Beauty - Becoming Beauty
THIS. SO MUCH TRUTH. Especially about the struggle of applying liquid liner and falsies...

How to Respond to Brand Email Inquiries - Hello Rigby
I've bookmarked this for future reference. A helpful post for those times when you're not sure on how to reply to emails without sounding like a douche or an awkward turtle.

25 Things You Need to Stop Wasting Time On - Marc and Angel
Ah food for thought. Your life could be so different/better if you just stopped bothering with some of these things. #worrywartforlife

You Don't Need a DSLR to Blog | Bloggers and their Cameras - Citron and Guavaberry
Pfft of course I'm not including this post just because I'm in it. What. are. you. saying. Really though, I find it fascinating seeing what cameras other bloggers use, especially because some of them have ah-mazing photos and they don't use DSLRs!

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