Wednesday, 24 December 2014

DEAR ME IN 2015...

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Dear future self,
The year 2014 is pretty much almost over, so this is an official and public warning for you to get off your butt, stop being a serial scatterbrain and start learning the meaning of the word 'organization'. Take the beginning of a new year as a sign to pick up your game and you better be able to check these things off the list next year. Or else. Be prepared to walk the hall of shame. Wow I'm harsh on myself.

1. Be Social
Wow, what a cliche huh? Now that you've found your feet in university life (sorta), I now dare you to get your head of that shell, and meet new people. It'd be pretty awesome if you could make a few close friends that you'll hopefully have for the rest of your life.

2. Become More Mature
Yo, you're finally turning the sweet, legal age of 18. So please act like it, and stop cracking immature jokes (even if they are pretty funny sometimes, heh). It'd be cool if you could help mum and dad out around the house a bit more too, like the grown, responsible daughter that you are.

3. Clean Your Room, Please.
Your room is a war zone. No wonder you can't get things done efficiently; you can't find anything half the time! Oh, and that shirt you've been looking for? I guarantee it's 99% probably hiding in the back of your closet. You're welcome.

4. Don't stop blogging. 
It's amazing how far Behind The Frames has come since it hatched 2 years ago. Blogging is probably the best hobby you've ever pursued, so don't give up! Make 2015 the year of improving your blog and connecting with the awesome people that read it.

5. Up your baking game. 
Remember that time you made the blender explode in the process of making a tart? That's a clear sign that you, my friend, need to step up your game. Admit it, baking can be quite fun and it would be sweet if you could eventually bake something delicious all on your own (and avoid being such a failure in the kitchen).

6. Be more selfless and humble. 
All those times you've been reluctant at sharing the last piece of Kit Kat. All those times you've boasted your own achievements. I would like to see you put your pride down for a second and grow as a person. Don't think less of yourself, but think of yourself less. Think more about others.

What is one goal you have for next year?

P.S. Merry Christmas guys! I'll be away on holiday, so I may not be able to read posts and comments, but I'll try my best. Have a great Christmas and New Year, you wonderful folk!

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