Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Have you ever been in such a rush that you left the house with your face half done, and then proceeded to spend the next half an hour in a public bathroom trying to do your makeup, and causing everyone waiting outside to think you were probably constipated? Yeah, me too. But thankfully, I managed to throw in a bunch of products into a bag at the last-minute, so I could look somewhat presentable.

Thankfully, I had already finished my base before racing out the door, so all I really needed was my partners in crime for my eye makeup. It was a special day (meeting other bloggers, including long-time blog friend Jen), so I brought some of my favorites.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion in Eden
Isn't this just the cutest mini primer potion you've ever seen? No one likes straying eyeshadow/liner so I made sure to chuck this little friend into my bag. It's definitely one of the better eye primers that I've tried.

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner + Essence Gel Eyeliner
That day, I ditched my glasses for some contacts, so I really needed a reliable eyeliner to help make my eyes look, you know, not so small. And with monolids, that involves drawing a thick, THICK line. One layer of Maybelline's Master Precise, followed by my HG gel eyeliner did the trick and it held up without smudging - hurrah! (By the way, wearing contacts is like a whole new world.)

Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Trio in Silent Treatment
It was quite a dilemma trying to do eyeshadow in horrible lighting, and squinting at my phone's front-facing camera in a dim cubicle wasn't exactly my idea of fun. After futile attempts at wiping my face with toilet paper (yup), I decided to hide the smudges by placing the black crease shade all over the eyeliner. Guess what? It actually turned out publicly acceptable!  *fist pumps*

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk
It's just so creamy (like milk, hah!) and is fab at brightenening the inner corners. It also works great as an eyeshadow base (why did I even bring a primer then, um...) All in all, it's a nice, multi-purpose product.

Arbonne Eyeshadow in Linen*
Being a basic matte cream, this is excellent in covering any mistakes I make with my eye makeup. Probably not the most conventional use, but it came in handy that way.

Max Factor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara* + Maybelline Falsies
Both are great mascaras that I'll definitely mention again on this blog. But seriously, the volume and curl-holding power of this combo just slays me every time.

*Provided for consideration. See disclaimer here

What products do you have on the go?

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  1. Haha, public bathroom makeup! I've been wanting wet n wild eyeshadow palettes for literally years and just have never gotten around to getting any! Where do you get yours from? x


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