Sunday, 28 September 2014

10 Favorite Posts of September

posts i've loved reading in september

If you're like me, chances are you're procrastinating right this second. What better way to procrastinate than to read some blogs? I always come across posts that I really like but I have the memory of a goldfish so the next day, I'm slapping myself for not bookmarking it and I've no clue where it is and who wrote it.
For this selfish reason (and for your reading pleasure of course), I've compiled a list of some posts I've enjoyed reading in September. Let's see if I can remember to do this every time a new month rolls around.

The Private Life of a Girl - 4 Low Maintenance, Work Appropriate Lipsticks

QworterLifeCrisis - Your fluff ain't fluff to me

The Sunday Chapter - 9 Ways to Sleep Better Tonight

subgenre of a dream - The Subtle & Friendly Lips

the maquillage - 30 Beauty Truths

Tiny Paint Pot - Illustration: Five Reasons to Smile

Hope you enjoy having a read through these lovely blogs! Let me tell you, it was a real challenge narrowing down my favourites!
If  you came across a blog post this month that you loved, feel free to share it down below! Heck, even if it's one of your own masterpieces, share that too! GIVE 'EM TO ME, GIVE THEM ALLLLL.

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