Tuesday, 16 September 2014

13 Beauty Peeves

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Life, yes even the world of makeup, isn't all rainbows and sunshines. There are always those little things; classic examples of #firstworldproblems that make our life harder or cause bouts of frustration.

Here are 13 Beauty Peeves that get on my nerves. 

1. Shimmery Bronzer 
Someone please enlighten me on why something that is often used as a contour, as a shadow for our facial structure contains little sparkly bits that look most unnatural. It might work if used all over to warm up the face but shimmery bronzer in general is just a big turn-off for me.

2. Red-based Eyebrow Products 
Having dark hair, I struggle to find a decent eyebrow powder or pencil that is actually a cool-toned, ash brown. Those warm brown powders sometimes lean a bit too red for my liking. Red brows suit no one. I repeat, no one (unless you are Rihanna).

3. Gross Tasting Lip Products
There are those yummy smelling lipsticks such as MAC, but then there's the other end of the scale that smells like perfume overload and taste equally as gross (I'm looking at you Face of Australia lipsticks). I rather not have my lipstick create a unique blend of flavours with my lunch, thanks. 

4. The Lack of Matte Eyeshadows... Everywhere 
One of the reasons I haven't been buying new eyeshadows is because everything is shimmery, especially in the drugstore. I'll be honest; I miss the mattes.

5. Bulky Packaging
I'm talking about those massive eyeshadow palettes that only contain a few shadows and could have easily been produced using half the material at half the cost. As well as those powders that we call 'compact' but have that extra bulky secret compartment that reveals the powder puff no one uses. 

6. Leaky lip glosses
Once the lip gloss wand is out, so is the sticky mess that remains around the opening and will wreck havoc in your handbag if you're not careful. 

7. Packaging of loose powders
While I adore my mineral foundations and translucent powders, I just dread screwing the lid back on. Bring on the inevitable cloud of powder that goes everywhere - clothes, mirrors you name it. 

8. Flaky mascara
I'm sure we've all encountered those not-so-great mascaras that flake off in tiny, black bits that land in our eyeballs, leading to incessant blinking and causing concerned bystanders to think we're having a fit. Same principle goes for fibre mascaras that like to fall off in caterpillar fashion. 

9. Breakouts
Enough said.

10. Those tiny brushes that come with eyeshadows/palettes
Yes, I'm talking about the ones that look like they're made for ants. How does anyone even hold them properly, let alone use them effectively?

11. Rubbing your eyes and forgetting you had eye makeup on
I admit it, I am a serial eye-rubber, which always leads to smudge central. 

12. Foundation Stains
Oh nothing is lovelier than that nice patch of brown that ends up on your clothes. Or even other people's clothes, which always leads to fun awkward conversation. It always has to be a white shirt doesn't it? 

13. Cleaning up your eyeliner but removing the rest of your eye makeup in the process 
Every. Time. 

Do you have anything to add to this list? 

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