Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Brand Spotlight - MAXFACTOR

Maxfactor is one of those brands I have not delved very much into. I always looked at them as the "more expensive version of Covergirl" and sadly they're one of those brands that I pass by every time I'm at the drugstore. But it does have a bit of a special place in my heart when I think about my first ever mascara which was from Maxfactor (their Xperience Volumising Mascara)

Their Facefinity All Day Foundation (RRP$31.95) really reminded me of the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous, not just packaging-wise but also the formula. It delivers a semi-matte, natural looking finish that I absolutely love and it effortlessly blends into the skin. It gives great medium coverage, lasts as long as I need it to and doesn't break me out (which definitely calls for a celebration). The shade Crystal Beige is the perfect match for me, making it the second foundation that I own that actually matches my skin tone.

The Wild Shadow Pencil in Caramel Rage (RRP$12.95) is a lovely, taupe-brown and the texture of these pencils are very user-friendly. Smooth and creamy, yet not too creamy that it applies with a firm consistency with just enough opacity.

I paired it with the Liquid Effect Pencil in Black Fire (RRP$18.95). It is a super creamy and soft, matte black eyeliner pencil. There is no excessive smudging and it doesn't disappear throughout the day like some creamy eyeliners do. Surprisingly, I find myself enjoying the smudging end of the pencil which is of good quality and creates a nice smoked out effect to the eyes.

L: Eyeliner in Black Fire                R: Shadow Pencil in Caramel Rage

The Excess Volume Mascara (RRP$25.95) really puts the icing on the cake to the eyes. It is one of the best mascaras I have tried. I am usually not a mascara person as I find they don't do anything for my short, sparse lashes that are also weighed down by my hooded lids but this particularly mascara from Maxfactor really makes a dramatic difference to my lashes.

It comes in a huge, chunky tube and works as a two-step process, where the shorter plastic-bristled end creates volume and the bigger brush end gives length and blackness and I have to say that it really worked for my lashes. It holds well throughout the day but it does smudge a tiny bit underneath.

Finally, I tried out their Colour Elixir lipstick in Ruby Tuesday (RRP$19.95) which is a flattering shade of red with a hint of pink. It kind of reminds me of a cherry popsicle. It is super pigmented and has a smooth formula. I don't find it particularly moisturizing so a lip balm beforehand might be beneficial, but I can see it as my new, go-to red lipstick.

Using these products, I recreated a look that can be found on the Maxfactor's Youtube page and really liked how it turned out. I'm impressed with the quality of all the products I tried and am definitely more interested in trying more from this brand.

Have you tried anything from Maxfactor? What is your favourite product from them?

These products were kindly provided for consideration, however all my opinions are 100% honest as always. 


  1. Max Factor is expensiiiiive! Though I have tried a couple of there products
    I used to be a loyal fan of the Masterpiece Mascara but then I wanted to test different mascaras :L
    I've also been recommended and matched for the Elixir Foundation I think it was. It's sooooo good but so pricey! I used my sample very sparingly lol. I may get it once I finish all my foundations and BB creams...which is going to be ages away :'D

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  3. This mascara did wonders, I have been searching for something that will give my lashes the extra boost. Perhaps, I'll check this one out!

    (I have terribly sparse and straight lashes too, woo to be Asian)


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