Monday, 31 March 2014

MAC 'Crosswires' Lipstick + Swatches

For my birthday, one of my very dear friends gave me a MAC lipstick. That moment basically involved me unwrapping the gift and taking a sharp intake of breath as I stared at the third MAC lipstick to add to my collection. After much persistence from that very same friend to do a review... 

Everyone, meet 'CROSSWIRES'

Crosswires is one of the cremesheen lipsticks and probably my favorite type of finish. It contains the same yummy vanilla scent that other MAC lipsticks have and even though it's not an 'amplified' finish, it definitely packs some pigmentation.

As a cremesheen, it's very creamy on application and adds a nice shiny finish to the lips. It is decently moisturizing but to be honest, I was expecting an even more moisturizing lipstick since this was my first cremesheen, but I think my expectations were just too high.

The fact that this lipstick isn't AS moisturizing as I thought it would be, could be attributed to its ability to still leave a trace of the color on the lips after a period of time. After eating and drinking, the lipstick inevitably wears off, however the bright, pigmented nature of Crosswires manages to leave a bit of a pinkish stain.

mac crosswires swatch
swatch of MAC lipstick in Crosswires

I find Crosswires to be a very fun pinky-coral shade to wear - bright enough to liven up the complexion, yet not so "in-your-face" that you can still wear it everyday.

It is definitely different to a lot of lipsticks in my collection (light pinks or neutral MLBB's) which I appreciate. And I'm very thankful to mi amigo for getting this lovely lipstick for me and it has fueled my growing desire to own more MAC lipsticks. 

Bare Lips

Wearing MAC's Crosswires Lipstick
mac crosswires lipstick swatch

I hardly post full-face photos on my blog nowadays so here's one of me wearing Crosswires on my lips for your viewing pleasure (or maybe not).

What is your favorite MAC lipstick? 

Available from MAC Cosmetics (Australia) for $36.


  1. Pretty! Aah, I've been wanting crosswires ever since Essiebutton mentioned it. Glad you are liking it!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. Wow it's so pretty :)

  3. Oh how pretty!! I've still yet to try any mac lippies but that shade looks so beautiful on you! I love how its quite opaque in color but you can wear it lightly! It's a really lovely shade and it looks great on you!

  4. Woah. My first time to know this existed. Hahaha Such a loser me.
    Looks great on you! I think this would look great to anyone!

  5. This looks amazing on you! I've had my eye on this shade for awhile now, and you've definitely convinced me to get my hands on it next time I'm shopping :)

  6. Such a gorgeous colour! And it suits you beautifully! xx

  7. wow love it! Looks gorgeous on you <3

  8. This is beautiful on you!! =) My favorite lipstick from MAC is Dark Side! :)

  9. I have yet to add this shade to my MAC collection but is such a lovely colour and looks absolutely gorgeous on you! I like the cremesheen finishes and my favourite probably has to be Ravishing!

    Chantalle x

  10. That is such a beautiful colour, it looks great on you

  11. Great shade, seems really versatile and wearable :) Love MAC lipsticks, they're excellent quality and I really enjoy the vanilla scent to them as well! Though to be honest I don't really like the Cremesheen finish, I much prefer Lustre or Amplified.

  12. This lippy suits you to the T! How perfect, it's so pretty :)

  13. This colour looks great on you! :D


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