Monday, 29 July 2013

Products I Regret Buying #2

Time for another products I regret buying!

Sadly, I still haven't attained the level of "smart shopping" where I buy things I know for certain I will like.

Instead, I am fooled by store lighting and the instinct in my brain that a certain foundation matches me perfectly when in reality, it is a sad, sad mistake. Just be warned as there are several products that are simply wrong colour matches =P

(If I have reviewed the product, I will link my review in the product's name.)

First up, we have three products which are supporting evidence that "Sheri does not know how to colour match herself".

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Light

First of all, this "Light" is not light in my opinion. It's too dark for me and I just really dislike the barely-there coverage and the greasiness of this BB cream. It also has poor staying power and I think I was just sucked into it because all the American Youtubers were talking about it.

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in 100 Ivory 

I was overwhelmed by the Chemist Warehouse 50% sale so this was an impulse buy. Despite it being around $10, I really regret it because this is a TERRIBLE colour. It's not even just too dark, it's orange. It has very sheer coverage and I need something of higher coverage. Also, it's called "stay matte" but it looks dewy? o.O

This is probably the LIGHTEST foundation I own. I thought it had the potential to match me in store but turns out it's too pink! I have a yellow-toned complexion so this was a fail for me. But this is a nice product, with a lovely dewy finish and a nice scent (which broke me out but still). 

Daiso Blush (brand unknown)

This was only $2 from Daiso so I guess it's not a huge loss. The blush barely shows up and the highlighter, while definitely more pigmented, is chalky. 

Estee Lauder Signature Pure Color Palette

I'm honestly not sure what the name of this palette is (I'm just guessing from the label) but I'm starting to think this isn't real Estee Lauder because all of the 6 eyeshadows and blush have very poor colour pay-off (refer to hand swatches in the photo). I got this from which is a reliable website so I'm not too sure about this.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Too Cool
Essence Stay all Day cream eyeshadow in Stars and Stories 

I have the same issue with both these cream eyeshadows. Both of them are rock solid even when I first got them (especially the maybelline one). I have to squish my finger hard in them and the eyeshadow does this weird thing where it sticks to my finger and won't deposit colour onto my eyelid. When it does, all it leaves is shimmer with no base colour. The new maybelline metal color tattoos are much more creamier - weird.

Maybelline Baby Lips COLOR in Berry Crush
Essence forget it! 3-in-1 Concealer

I love the original baby lips but sadly, these color ones, while they do offer impressive colour pay-off, are not moisturising enough for me. Also, this particular colour shows up too dark for my liking. I have to be careful when applying otherwise the red colour gets all around my mouth, making me look like a clown!

I really wanted to like this Essence concealer. However, the green and pink don't do anything for my under eyes and my redness and instead, makes me look ill. The flesh tone colour is too dark for my skin tone (surprise surprise) and the consistency overall is just dry and not creamy. The lid has already snapped off too. 

Sorry to be so negative in this post but hey, I can't always talk about products I like right? ;)

I'm sure other people have had positive experiences with these products but I just have a Edward Cullen complexion and a hard to impress mind. 

Thanks for reading as always!



  1. Try storing the maybelline colour tattoo upside down. It's worth a shot :) Lovely post xo

    1. I actually do, perhaps it's the cold weather? o.O Thanks for reading!

  2. I found that the new Maybelline colour tattoos are more creamy than the original ones too! It's weird.


  3. Thanks for the informations.!
    I really wanted to try the essence concealer and the essence stay all day cream eyeshadow..
    Ι already forgot it :P
    (sorry for my english)

    Alexandra by

  4. This was really helpful; I was contemplating whether I should get the essence palette and your post came just in time! I don't have a good experience with blushers from Daiso either; the pigmentation is quite disappointing!

    Belle Epoque

  5. I absolutely hate the Maybeline BB Cream in the summer time, but it's actually quite lovely in winter!

  6. I have the same view on the coloured baby lips. Currently trying to use up a pink one but it just doesn't moisturise enough! Have to use a Nivea one shortly afterwards.

    Sad to hear Stay Matte didn't work out for you. I'm using it currently and I don't mind it. Oh well.

    Very informative, thanks.

  7. I actually quite enjoy reading posts like these - I always find that people are just a lot more honest and upfront and it makes for interesting reading! I really dislike some of my Maybelline Color Tattoos (I really wonder about why I bought certain shades that I literally never touch) and the Essence Stay All Day shadows. It's so hard to find a perfect drugstore foundation match! You'd think wouldn't sell fake products, but the pigmentation of the Estee Lauder looks atrocious!

  8. Aw what a shame they didn't work for you... that Estee Lauder one looks terrible, I really hope it IS fake!
    I love reading posts like these, probably because I never write them! I've been really wanting to write one like this, but I haven't found a lot of products I don't like! It's so weird, I guess I do too much research before buying haha!

  9. I'm sorry to hear about these products! I too HATED that foundation from rimmel! It's dewy, not high coverage and isnt good for oily skin! It's likely that the palette from sasa was a factory type product from them. I'm sorry to hear bout the color tattoo not working for you! Mine are all soft and creamy! It was prob an old one you got!

  10. I highly doubt that Estee Lauder palette is real! My mother and I combined have been using Estee Lauder for decades and we've never come across anything that looks like that. They don't typically use black palettes for their packaging, even my GWP palettes have gold/clear/white packaging.

  11. FYI, that Babylips Color has just released here in Indonesia and everyone seems so excited about it (I have the non-colored Babylips and I thought it was the only Babylips kind ever). I wonder how deep is the pink one because I'd considered to buy that or the soft pink. Can you give me an example for the color on your lips? *wink* :D

  12. Me gusta mucho la paleta de estee lauder!
    besis guapi,

    por cierto estoy de
    SORTEO en

  13. Great post! That Estee Lauder palette looks like it has awful pigmentation! :(

  14. :( omg thanks for the review babe. i was overly excited about the colour tatoo and maybelline lippies.
    now i should reconsider it :)

    I found your blog very helpful hope we can keep in touch

    i've followed you on GFC now.

    xx Michelle

  15. Great post!! Could you do one on HG products?

    There is also another essence concealer duo, it works well on my dark circles, its like a corrector and concealer but more skin tone shades!

    I don't exactly trust when it comes to brand-name cosmetics like estee lauder...

  16. i absolutely hate the maybelline color tattoo in too cool as well !

  17. I have the same issue with that Babylips. It's such a shame as i love the non tinted ones.

  18. I hate that concealer too... It's just awful.

    Greetings from Shirayuki's Beauty.


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