Sunday, 7 July 2013

Luminesce Advanced Night Repair [Review]

Last time, I reviewed the Luminesce Essential Body Renewal, which was a lightweight body moisturizer that provided great hydration to my Sahara-Desert-like legs.

Today, I'm here to review another moisturizer. This time - for the face!

It's the Luminesce Advanced Night Repair by Jeunesse Global.

This product claims to "increase skin firmness and elasticity", "promotes new cell growth" and "works while you sleep".

It comes in a bulky but luxurious-looking jar. Again, loving the silver packaging!

Night time is the best time to apply products like this because your skin rejuvenates itself while you sleep, producing new cells etc.

The actual moisturizer itself is a very lightweight cream that despite being lightweight, packs a punch of moisture. I really like that it's not thick and greasy feeling.

I apply this to my face and my neck and once absorbed, it leaves the skin feeling really soft. I notice the next morning when I wake up, my skin feels baby smooth and supple.

It has a pretty strong scent that might not appeal to some people but I don't mind it.
I have very sensitive skin but this did NOT break me out.

Overall, this is a nice moisturizer but the price tag might make you think twice before buying it.

There are probably other cheaper moisturizers which do the same thing however, this product is targeted at maintaining youthful-looking skin and preventing the effects of ageing so perhaps this would work great for someone who suffers from dull, aged skin.

For more information on this product and the Luminesce range, click here.

I hope you found this helpful!


This product was kindly provided for consideration, however this does not affect my opinion and my reviews are always 100% honest.


  1. This looks like a really nice moisturizer! But whoa - that price is pretty steep for me. I'm happy with my Laneige moisturizer anyways, so meh. n__n
    Thank you for the review!~

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  2. Thanks for the review, it's really useful!

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  3. Sounds really moisturising! Good to hear it didn't break you out. I am on the lookout for a new night cream but can't bring myself to shell out for expensive skin care ... yet :p


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