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The cosmetics industry has basically exploded over the last 10 years (and I sound really old and experienced now but I'm really not) and I think if I was someone who wanted to dip their toes into all this pretty business, I would be so utterly lost. Browsing the beauty aisles and being all like "WHY ARE THERE 20 LIPSTICKS THAT LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME??" and let's not talk about the 50 shades of grey... eyeshadow *cough*.

I wanted to bring it back to the basics and discuss products from each 'category' that would be great for those just starting out. And because this post would be super boring if it was just my opinion, I've recruited some of my favourite blogging babes to help me out. A huge thanks to these gals - you rock my world!

BASE // Tasha from shiwashiful

When Sheri asked me what base product I would recommend for a beginner, I was a bit stumped - it really depends on what each individual is looking for! But, for me, I find light-medium coverage bases with a natural finish the easiest to work with - they won't be too much, too quickly. A long time favourite of mine is the Bourjois Happy Light Foundation which fits the bill perfectly. Light-medium buildable coverage, and a finish that looks like natural skin. It's not overly dewy but still gives a bit of a glow. I have combination-oily skin and I find it sits and lasts well when set with powder. It's super easy to work with, blends well and feels lightweight on the skin! Although Bourjois isn't the cheapest brand at the drugstore, it is still reasonably priced and they do some excellent base products. My advice to any beginner would be: only cover what you need to! A light coverage all over with strategic concealing is much better (in my opinion) than a whole face of heavy coverage foundation :)

BROWS // Divya from The Conscience Fund

I have always been pretty clumsy with tools and contraptions so getting my brows to look like brows and not bushes has never really been my strong suit. The only thing that I found myself comfortable using was a good'ol brow gel. Let me just say that all clear brows gels are not made equal! The Body Shop's clear brow gel, the one I've gone through several tubes of would always start off pretty smooth and non-crusty but three weeks down and I'd see white flakes all over my face!
One fine day (after five.. yes five tubes of TBS!) I bit the bullet and got myself the Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel and its been life changing to say the least! For eyebrow "noobs" like me this is God-sent! The perfect clear brow which seals the brows and DOES NOT budge all day is what eyebrow dreams are made of! That, plus threading and I am in eyebrow heaven!

EYESHADOW // Ling from The Cosmetic Critic

eyeshadow pencils

Ah.. thinking back on my journey to full on beauty addict, it sure brings memories. I thankfully didn't make too many makeup mistakes but I did make some of course, with badly blended eyeshadow as one of them. Had there been jumbo eyeshadow sticks at the start of my beauty obsession, I think my eyeshadow would have looked better AND I would have used it more. Why? Because they're so quick and easy to use! All you do is swipe and blend, then you're good to go! Plus, no need to buy any eyeshadow brushes and most importantly (because laziness), no need to wash them!
I would recommend a nude shade like the Jordana Eyeshadow Stick in Continuous Almond (or the Milani Shadow Eyez in Almond Cream) for natural days, the Essence Stays No Matter Eye Pencil in Whipped White Frosting for brightening up the inner corners, and a bronzey-brown like the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick in Bad Girl Bronze if you want more definition.

EYELINER // Iqra from The Blushing Giraffe

soap and glory supercat eyeliner pen

Firstly can I just say what an honour it is to be be featured on Sheri’s blog - I love this girl and her fabulous blog!
Eyeliner was one of the first things I began experimenting with when I discovered the world of makeup and there’s practically nothing that makes me feel better than getting that perfect cat flick. I have been through so many different liners, pencils, khols, liquids and gel. So when Sheri asked me to recommend a liner for a beginner, I knew it had to be easy to achieve a thin line as well as a thick one, not too pricey and something easy to remove too. The Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen Carbon Black Eyeliner ticks those boxes for me, it’s easy to hold, jet black in one sweep and stays put for at least 8 hours with no primer - you won't be disappointed with this one!

MASCARA // Sarah from More Than Adored

I really recommend the new Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara for beginners because the curved wand allows you to coat the lash root to tip with little effort. It’s a mascara that does the work for you and I find one coat is more than enough for everyday. It gives volume, separation and a tiny bit of length too! If you’re a newbie struggling with mascaras not looking amazing on the lashes I recommend opting for the waterproof version because it holds a curl really well but also try some eyelash curlers! They changed my lash life.

BLUSH // Vanessa from Citron and Guavaberry

When Sheri asked me to contribute to this segment with the worst question ever ("What blush would you recommend for a beginner and why?"), I panicked for a few days. SO. MANY. FRICKIN. VARIABLES. SUCH A SUBJECTIVE TOPIC DEPENDING ON YOUR COLOUR PREFERENCES, SKIN TONE, SKIN TYPE, AGE,...SHERI, Y U GOTTA BE LIKE THAT?? In the end though, I chose a coral pink shade (though, mostly flattering for fair to medium skin tones) in a pressed powder format (easiest for beginners in my opinion, and great for imperfect skin as it barely disturbs the base underneath compared to cream/gel/liquid formulas).

Enter NYX's 'Summer Peach' (AKA a shimmery almost dupe for one of my all-time-favourite blushes, Tarte's 'True Love', but y'know, Tarte isn't all that accessible depending on where you live).
'Summer Peach' is a pink-coral with golden shimmers, though I find that the shimmers barely show up on the face despite it looking like a glitter bomb in the pan (great if you're not a fan of the ~shining shimmering splendid~ like I am). The formula is pigmented enough and doesn't look too powdery on the skin, and manages to stay on my face even towards the end of the day. It's super pretty, and not too shabs for a blush that costs $6 ;)

LIPSTICK // Daphne from subgenre of a dream

Lipsticks always seemed to scream mature and just too made up when I first started out with makeup. It took me a while, but the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey is a good starter shade that will help you ease into the world of lip colours.  It’s a lovely mauve pink shade that adds just a tint of colour so you won’t scare yourself when you walk pass a mirror, but it feels like a lip balm on. But most importantly, the shape, colour, and formula of this lip stain makes it perfect for beginners because of it’s low maintenance. No need to fuss with a lip liner or wonder how to perfectly apply lipstick as the crayon design is literally colouring in the lines. You don’t have to worry about the colour transferring, nor the shade wearing off unevenly. Plus, at a drugstore price point, it makes it much more accessible and easy on the wallet.

What product would you recommend to a beginner?

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