Monday, 15 June 2015


tips on clearing out your wardrobe

Do you ever wish that you could buy an endless amount of clothes, chuck them into your closet and have them hurtled into another dimension so that you have an infinite amount of space? Yeah, me too. (Why can't life be like the chronicles of Narnia??) I've been obsessed with buying clothes lately, because I feel like I've got enough makeup to last me till I'm six feet under.

It's gotten to the point where THIS happens every time I open my closet (which is practically the size of a fridge and that's it), so it was time for a SERIOUS clear out. These are my tips if you ever want to tackle a wardrobe so full that it spontaneously projectile vomits out your clothing.

Basically, GET YOUR SHIZZ TOGETHER... just kidding. I don't know about you but every time I see the sheer amount of clothes I own, I just get overwhelmed and shut the doors and pretend like I never saw anything. Separating things out into groups can really make the task seem more DO-ABLE
eg. 'wear', 'sometimes wear'and 'I-legit-don't-even-remember-owning-this'. Ya feel me?

(And no I don't mean start colour coordinating everything and cross-reference them according to crazy people *shakes head*)

Sure, a top might look a bit questionable just by holding it up but try it on! You never know, you might discover a forgotten piece that makes you look awesome. OR, you might realize that those jeans make your butt look as saggy as a sandbag and you'd be glad to get rid of it.

This goes for the "sometimes wear" and "don't wear" pieces. Think about it, when was the last time you ACTUALLY wore it? Personally, if it was more than two months ago or if it completely eludes my memory, I get rid of it. This step requires you to be brutal and not have a wishy-washy attitude like, "I can see myself wearing this. I'll keep it just in case". Those are three very dangerous words, my friend. If you bought it 2 years ago and haven't touched it more than twice? Time to toss.

If you have barely worn or pre-loved clothes that are too good to throw away, why not sell them?
I've been OBSESSED with this app called Depop which is basically an Instagram and Ebay fusion.
You upload pics of your item, write a description (it helps if you mention what size it is and what condition it's in) and set a price + shipping fee. I'm seriously impressed with the great pieces and bargains you can find on there!
If you have depop, leave your name down below so I can follow you!

Would you consider selling your clothes?

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